Will Hurricane Lee Hit Puerto Rico? A Detailed Projection


Hurricane Lee, now swirling in the Atlantic, has many on edge, particularly those in the path of this growing storm. Expected to graze the northern Leeward Islands, and notably, Puerto Rico this weekend, there’s an air of anticipation and preparation. With the Leewards marking the junction of the Caribbean Sea and the western Atlantic Ocean, their strategic position makes them particularly vulnerable to such weather phenomena.

  1. The Lowdown on Hurricane Lee
  2. Summary of will hurricane lee hit puerto rico
  3. Foreseeing Lee’s Route
  4. The Scenario for Northern Leeward Islands
  5. Puerto Rico’s Impending Weather
  6. Recapitulating The Predictions

The Lowdown on Hurricane Lee

Presently, Hurricane Lee boasts as a Category 1 hurricane. Though originating in the Atlantic, its trajectory, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), is ominously towards the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico by the weekend. At present, Lee’s winds roar at a maximum of 80 mph and its progress is charted at a west-northwest direction, covering 13 mph.

Summary of will hurricane lee hit puerto rico

Date Information
September 9th Hurricane Lee expected to approach northern Leeward Islands.
September 10th Puerto Rico might witness Hurricane Lee’s passing or direct hit.
September 11th Lee to deviate north, steering clear from the US mainland.
Throughout Weekend Coastal flooding and a surge of up to 12 feet projected in select areas of Puerto Rico.

Foreseeing Lee’s Route

The NHC, renowned for its meticulous tracking, predicts Hurricane Lee will hover close to the northern Leeward Islands by September 9th, Saturday. As for Puerto Rico, Lee might either graze past it or make direct contact by September 10th, Sunday. After its rendezvous with Puerto Rico, Lee is likely to arc towards the north, distancing itself from the US.

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The Scenario for Northern Leeward Islands

As Saturday approaches, the northern Leeward Islands should brace themselves for a turbulent storm. Expect torrential rain, gusty winds, and potential flooding. Acting on these forecasts, the NHC has sounded the alarm with a tropical storm warning for:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Anguilla
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Montserrat
  • Saint Martin
  • Saint Barthélemy
  • Saba
  • Sint Eustatius
  • British Virgin Islands

Puerto Rico’s Impending Weather

By Sunday, Puerto Rico should steel itself for a stormy reception. Alongside rains and winds, coastal areas might bear the brunt of Hurricane Lee’s fury, facing flooding. Adding to the anxiety is the NHC’s storm surge forecast that points to a potential rise of up to 12 feet in certain Puerto Rican locales.

Recapitulating The Predictions

With Hurricane Lee making headlines, the NHC’s role becomes pivotal in disseminating timely and crucial information. It’s essential for northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico’s residents to remain updated and make necessary arrangements.

As “will hurricane lee hit puerto rico” remains the burning question, the NHC keeps a close eye on the storm’s progress, with regular updates.


What category is Hurricane Lee?
Hurricane Lee is currently a Category 1 hurricane but is expected to escalate to Category 2 by the weekend.

When will it approach the northern Leeward Islands?
Hurricane Lee is projected to be near the northern Leeward Islands by September 9th, Saturday.

Is Puerto Rico directly in its path?
On September 10th, Sunday, Lee might either sweep past Puerto Rico or land a direct hit.

How high can the seas rise around Puerto Rico due to Lee?
The NHC forecasts a potential surge in sea levels, possibly rising up to 12 feet in some regions of Puerto Rico.

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