Why is Ron Desantis Suing Disney? Delving Into The Controversy


Recent events have seen a growing tension between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the iconic entertainment behemoth, The Walt Disney Company. At the core of this dispute, Disney alleges that DeSantis has retaliated against them for voicing opposition to a contentious classroom bill labeled “Don’t Say Gay.” Given the magnitude of both entities, the situation has garnered significant media attention.

  1. Summary of why is ron desantis suing disney
  2. The Flashpoint: Disney’s Lawsuit Against DeSantis
  3. Chronological Breakdown of Events
  4. Actions by DeSantis’ Oversight Board
  5. Disney’s Reactive Measures
  6. Repercussions for Both Entities
  7. Conclusion

In April 2023, The Walt Disney Company proceeded to file a lawsuit against Governor DeSantis and other pertinent officials. This move was in response to perceived political moves against the company that could jeopardize billions in business revenues.

Summary of why is ron desantis suing disney

Point of Contention Summary
Origin of Dispute Disney’s opposition to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill
Disney’s Allegation DeSantis retaliated for their stance, threatening their business
Key Event in April 2023 Disney filed a federal lawsuit against DeSantis
DeSantis’ Board Actions Attempted to curtail Disney’s powers, nullifying contracts
Disney’s Counteractions Filed two lawsuits against DeSantis and his board members
Potential Repercussions for Disney Financial challenges, regulatory hurdles
Potential Repercussions for DeSantis Potential damage to political standing and future electoral prospects

The Flashpoint: Disney’s Lawsuit Against DeSantis

Disney’s litigation claims that the Governor’s steps have been driven by a personal disdain for the company’s political perspectives. Dissolving the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which Disney had steered for over half a century, was a direct outcome of this discord. From Disney’s perspective, this can lead to billions in potential losses and inflated taxation.

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Subsequent to Bob Chapek’s (Disney’s CEO) critique of the Florida bill, DeSantis had retorted by challenging Disney’s privileges in Florida, adding fuel to the already flaring dispute.

Chronological Breakdown of Events

  • March 2022: Introduction of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill which placed restrictions on discussions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity for students between kindergarten and third grade.
  • Subsequent to March 2022: After initially maintaining silence, Disney eventually condemns the bill, which results in DeSantis tagging them as “woke” and insinuating a political agenda in children’s content.
  • April 2023: A pivotal moment when DeSantis officiates the dissolution of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, scheduled to be implemented by June 1, 2023.

Actions by DeSantis’ Oversight Board

In addition to the dissolution, DeSantis appointed an oversight board targeting Disney’s Florida-based ventures. The board, perceived as antagonistic by Disney, sought to invalidate multiple contracts, further straining relations.

Disney’s Reactive Measures

Faced with these aggressive maneuvers, Disney retaliated with two distinct lawsuits. The initial one, rooted in federal court, was based on allegations of political retaliation. A secondary lawsuit in state court focused on a purported breach of contract.

Repercussions for Both Entities

Disney, with the potential annulment of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, stares at substantial fiscal repercussions. This could encompass considerable tax hikes and regulatory burdens. On the other hand, DeSantis’ political trajectory may suffer due to this unpopular rift, potentially influencing his re-election bid in 2024.


This feud between Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney presents a multifaceted legal quagmire. The ramifications for both parties are weighty, with the final outcomes and future dynamics still shrouded in uncertainty.


Q: What led to the rift between DeSantis and Disney?
A: The discord began when Disney voiced opposition to a Florida bill dubbed “Don’t Say Gay,” leading to alleged retaliation by DeSantis.

Q: Why did Disney file a lawsuit against DeSantis?
A: Disney believes that DeSantis took retaliatory political actions against them, jeopardizing billions in business.

Q: What is the significance of the Reedy Creek Improvement District?
A: It is a special taxing district which Disney had controlled for over 50 years, now dissolved by DeSantis.

Q: What can be the implications for DeSantis due to this feud?
A: The ongoing dispute could potentially impact his political reputation and chances of re-election in 2024.

— by Tanish Roy