Why Do People Hate Christopher Columbus? Unveiling the Controversy


Today, on October 9, 2023, the debate over Christopher Columbus continues to intensify. While some hail him as a pioneer, others view him with disdain for various reasons.

  1. Summary of why do people hate christopher columbus
  2. Columbus’s Role in History
  3. Reasons People Dislike Christopher Columbus
  4. Columbus’s Actions and Controversy
  5. The Modern Debate
  6. Conclusion

Christopher Columbus, the iconic navigator, sailed to the Americas under Spain’s flag. But the controversies surrounding him seem as vast as the seas he navigated. As time progresses, the discourse seems to deepen with varied perspectives emerging.

Summary of why do people hate christopher columbus

Aspect Detail
Historical Role Navigator who explored under Spain’s flag
Controversy His portrayal as the “discoverer” of America
Alleged Mistreatment Accused of violence against Indigenous peoples
Current Perspective A divisive figure in modern debates
Columbus Day A holiday at the center of controversies
Notable Criticism Accusations of rape and brutalities by him and his crew
Balanced View A figure with notable achievements and questionable actions

Christopher Columbus is often lauded for his exploration of the Americas. Yet, there’s a stark divide in opinions about him.
Many believe that his portrayal as the “discoverer” of America isn’t accurate, given the established civilizations he encountered and the fact that other explorers reached the continent before him.

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Columbus’s Role in History

Columbus’s voyages, sanctioned by Spain, undoubtedly changed the course of history.
While some honor him for bridging the Old and New Worlds, others point out he wasn’t the “first” to find America.
His name is even tied to a holiday, Columbus Day, which too stands at the heart of the debate.

Reasons People Dislike Christopher Columbus

Not everyone agrees that Columbus deserves recognition or veneration.
Some argue that earlier explorers beat him to the Americas.
Accusations abound, stating Columbus met the Indigenous peoples with violence, a far cry from initial “friendly” encounters.
Adding to this is Cervantes’ dismissal of the view that Columbus was a visionary of his era.

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Columbus’s Actions and Controversy

Many of the disdainful views about Columbus stem from his actions post-discovery.
Allegations persist about him and his crew’s brutal treatment of the Indigenous people, leading to enslavement and violence.
Among the most damning accusations is that Columbus allowed a crew member to rape an Indigenous woman, casting a dark shadow on his legacy.

The Modern Debate

In today’s world, Columbus remains a polarizing figure.
While some, like many Italian-Americans, see him as a beacon of pride, others push for a shift from Columbus Day celebrations, suggesting it perpetuates the erasure of Indigenous histories and injustices.
This seesaw of opinions ensures that discussions about Columbus remain in the limelight, prompting many to reassess historical narratives.


“Why do people hate Christopher Columbus?” The answer is multifaceted.
While acknowledging his seafaring feats, it’s essential to recognize the darker aspects of his legacy, ensuring a holistic understanding of this enigmatic figure.


1. Who was Christopher Columbus?
He was a navigator who explored the Americas under the sponsorship of Spain.

2. Why is Columbus considered controversial?
Due to allegations of mistreatment towards Indigenous peoples and doubts over his “discovery” status.

3. Is Columbus Day still celebrated?
Yes, but it’s a contentious holiday with many pushing for a shift in focus to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

4. Was Columbus the first to discover America?
No, Indigenous civilizations existed long before him, and other explorers might have reached America earlier.

— by Sameer Kapoor