Why Did Drew Barrymore Face Backlash Over Her Talk Show Resumption?


Drew Barrymore, a beloved figure in Hollywood, recently found herself under fire when she made the decision to resume her daytime talk show, “The Drew Barrymore Show,” during an ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. The move not only sparked controversy but also led to extensive debates, protests, and criticisms, especially from the strike supporters.

  1. Summary of drew barrymore backlash
  2. Background on Drew Barrymore’s Show Resumption
  3. Drew Barrymore’s Apology
  4. Accusations of Crossing Picket Lines
  5. Other Celebrities’ Reactions
  6. Public Perception and Opinions
  7. Conclusion

Resuming her show amid the WGA strike brought significant backlash to Barrymore, with many accusing her of scabbing and undermining the union’s efforts. Despite later apologies and attempts to amend the situation, the ripples of the controversy continue to spread.

Summary of drew barrymore backlash

Key Points Details
Show Resumption Date September 18, 2023
Apology Date September 10, 2023
Nature of Controversy Resuming show amid WGA strike
Celebrities Pulling Out Matthew McConaughey, among others

Drew Barrymore, famed actress and talk show host, encountered sharp criticism when she chose to continue her talk show amid the WGA strike. The decision sparked a wave of controversy that not only revolved around Barrymore but also brought to the forefront the power dynamics and challenges within the entertainment industry.

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Background on Drew Barrymore’s Show Resumption

In September 2023, Barrymore announced the return of “The Drew Barrymore Show” for its fourth season, a move that instantly stirred the waters. The WGA strike, having started in May 2023, was still ongoing, making her decision even more contentious. The premiere saw protests outside the show’s studio, a testament to the severity of the backlash.

Drew Barrymore’s Apology

Following the uproar, Barrymore took to Instagram on September 10, 2023, to address the issue. She conveyed her deep regret, admitting a lack of complete understanding about the ramifications her decision would have on the strike. Alongside her heartfelt apology, Barrymore pledged her support to the WGA and promised a donation to the union’s strike fund.

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Accusations of Crossing Picket Lines

While Barrymore defended her decision by claiming she wasn’t crossing picket lines or scabbing, the strike supporters thought otherwise. They vehemently believed her show’s continuation weakened the union’s bargaining position and indirectly benefited from the WGA writers’ efforts.

Other Celebrities’ Reactions

The entertainment industry was quick to react. Matthew McConaughey pulled out of his scheduled appearance on Barrymore’s show, and other celebrities like Debra Messing and Alyssa Milano publicly voiced their support for the WGA strike, indirectly criticizing Barrymore’s choice.

Public Perception and Opinions

The public seemed divided. While some believed Barrymore was within her rights to continue her show, others saw it as an act of defiance against the striking writers. The debate over whether her show was technically “scabbing” became a major talking point.


The controversy surrounding Barrymore’s decision remains a hot topic. Her attempt to mend bridges with an apology has been noted, but many remain critical. This situation underscores the complexities of celebrity involvement in labor disputes and the broader implications it can have on an industry.


Q: Why did Drew Barrymore resume her show during the WGA strike?
A: She decided to return for the fourth season of her talk show but faced backlash for the timing amid the strike.

Q: Did Drew Barrymore apologize for her decision?
A: Yes, she apologized through an Instagram video on September 10, 2023, expressing regret and pledging support for the WGA.

Q: Were any celebrities vocal about Barrymore’s decision?
A: Yes, several celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, Debra Messing, and Alyssa Milano, responded to the controversy.

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