Who Was Kelly Rizzo Husband? An Insight into Bob Saget Widow Journey


Kelly Rizzo, widely recognized as the widow of the acclaimed American comedian and actor, Bob Saget, has recently been in the limelight for her candid approach to healing and finding love post her husband’s tragic demise. The two were united in marriage in October 2018, having been introduced to each other through mutual friends back in 2015.

The Love Story of Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget
Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget’s love story began in 2015, initiated by a common acquaintance. Their connection was undeniable and soon transformed into a loving relationship. By November 2017, Saget decided to take their relationship a step further, proposing to Rizzo, which she gleefully accepted. Their wedding, held in Santa Monica, California in October 2018, was a heartwarming affair.

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Summary of who is kelly rizzo married to

Highlight Detail
Introduction Widow of Bob Saget, considering dating again
Love Story Met in 2015, Married in 2018
Coping with Loss Bob Saget passed away in 2022
Finding Joy Open to dating, focusing on personal growth
Media Coverage Covered by CNN, Fox News, People magazine
Conclusion Symbol of strength and resilience

This couple wasn’t just about romantic moments; they were also each other’s pillars in their professional worlds. Rizzo frequently marked her presence at Saget’s stand-up gigs and events, showcasing her unwavering support for him.

Coping with Loss
The world was taken by surprise when news broke out about Bob Saget’s sudden death on January 9, 2022. He was found lifeless in his hotel room in Orlando, Florida, at 65. The cause? Accidental blunt head trauma.

For Rizzo, coping with such a loss was heart-wrenching. Sharing her emotions, she highlighted how she still feels Saget’s absence each day, cherishing the moments they spent together.

Kelly Rizzo’s Journey to Finding Joy Again
The road to recovery after such a tragic event is long and winding. Kelly Rizzo, however, has been courageously navigating her way through. The news of her being “open to dating” has garnered much media attention. Although she’s receptive to the idea of love, she’s in no hurry and is focusing on healing and reconnecting with herself.

Rizzo’s recent statements reveal that she’s “still healing” but is beginning to rediscover her old self. Though the prospect of love lingers, she isn’t fervently seeking another relationship.

Media Coverage
Kelly Rizzo’s emotional and inspiring journey has caught the attention of multiple media houses, including CNN, Fox News, and People magazine. Various reports have emphasized her strength, resilience, and her path toward rediscovering joy.

In a world that often demands instant solutions and quick recoveries, Kelly Rizzo stands as a beacon of genuine emotion, resilience, and strength. She exemplifies that healing is a unique journey and that there’s no set timeline to finding joy after a tragic loss.

Q: When did Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget meet?
A: They met in 2015 through mutual friends.

Q: Who is Kelly Rizzo married to?
A: Kelly Rizzo was married to Bob Saget.

Q: How did Bob Saget pass away?
A: He died due to accidental blunt head trauma in January 2022.

Q: Is Kelly Rizzo open to dating again?
A: Yes, she has expressed that she’s open to the idea of dating.

— by Akash Talwar