Who Was Buddy Teeven Wife, and How Is She Remembering His Legacy?


Buddy Teevens, the revered Dartmouth football coach, met an untimely demise on September 19, 2023, following a tragic accident earlier in the year. At 66 years old, he left behind a significant legacy, including a loving family with his wife, Kirsten Teevens, at the helm.

  1. Summary of buddy teevens wife and his Legacy
  2. Buddy Teevens’ Tragic Accident
  3. Kirsten Teevens’ Announcement
  4. Buddy Teevens’ Contributions to Football
  5. Dartmouth Announces Buddy Teevens’ Passing
  6. Buddy Teevens’ Family
  7. Conclusion

Kirsten Teevens stands as a beacon of strength, having continuously updated the public on her husband’s condition after the heart-wrenching incident. Today, we reflect on Buddy’s impactful life, focusing on Kirsten and the Teevens family, and the support they’ve exhibited throughout this challenging period.

Summary of buddy teevens wife and his Legacy

Topic/Topic Information
Accident Date March 16, 2023
Location St. Augustine, Florida
Injury Details Spinal cord injury, Right leg amputation
Buddy Teevens’ Career Dartmouth and Stanford University
Kirsten Teevens Buddy Teevens’ supportive wife
Children Lindsay and Buddy Jr.
Grandchildren Four in total
Passing Date September 19, 2023

Buddy Teevens was not just a coach; he was an innovator and a pillar in the football community. The article’s core revolves around his family, placing emphasis on his dedicated wife, Kirsten Teevens.

Buddy Teevens’ Tragic Accident

On March 16, 2023, a serene bike ride in St. Augustine took a turn for the worst. Buddy and Kirsten Teevens faced a horrifying moment when a pickup truck collided with Buddy, leading to grave injuries.

Kirsten Teevens’ Announcement

In the wake of the accident, Kirsten Teevens emerged as a beacon of resilience. Through various platforms, she updated the world on Buddy’s condition, revealing his spinal cord injury and the amputation of his right leg.

Buddy Teevens’ Contributions to Football

Buddy’s reputation in football is second to none. At Dartmouth College, he spent seven seasons, grabbing two Ivy League titles and making three NCAA Division I FCS playoff appearances. Furthermore, his tenure at Stanford University helped rejuvenate the team. His forward-thinking led to the introduction of early concussion protocols and reducing contact during practice.

Dartmouth Announces Buddy Teevens’ Passing

The news of Buddy Teevens’ passing was solemnly announced by Dartmouth College on September 19, 2023. His contributions and influence in the Dartmouth community remain unparalleled.

Buddy Teevens’ Family

The “buddy teevens wife” topic brings us to Kirsten Teevens, a pillar of strength for the Teevens family. Together with their children, Lindsay and Buddy Jr., and their four grandchildren, they’ve showcased immense unity and resilience. Kirsten’s unwavering support during Buddy’s recovery has been commendable.


Buddy Teevens’ legacy, both as a family man and a revolutionary football coach, will continue to inspire. His family, with Kirsten leading the way, stands testament to his incredible life journey.


Who is Buddy Teevens’ wife?
Kirsten Teevens.

When did the tragic accident involving Buddy Teevens occur?
On March 16, 2023.

Where did Buddy Teevens serve as a football coach?
He served as a coach at both Dartmouth College and Stanford University.

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