Who Makes Up the Strictly Come Dancing Cast for 2023?


“Strictly Come Dancing” is back in full swing for its 2023 edition, with fans eagerly tuning in every Saturday night to watch a diverse mix of celebrities showcase their dance moves. The cast for this season boasts both renowned and emerging stars, promising a competitive and entertaining race for the Glitterball Trophy. As of today, October 1st, 2023, the season is already in its second live show, with much excitement around every corner.

  1. Summary of strictly come dancing cast
  2. Delving into the Celebrities
  3. Professional Partners The Backbone of the Show
  4. An Insight into Personal Lives Nikita Kuzmin
  5. Highlights from the Recent Episodes
  6. Catching the Show
  7. Conclusion

From journalists and presenters to actors and athletes, the cast represents a variety of fields, ensuring every viewer has someone to root for. Among the highlights so far, Angela Rippon stunned everyone with her leg kick during her Charleston routine in the second live show, setting the bar high for the remaining episodes.

Summary of strictly come dancing cast

Celebrities Professional Partners
Amanda Abbington Aljaž Škorjanec
Angela Rippon CBE Anton Du Beke
Layton Williams Nadiya Bychkova
Krishnan Guru-Murthy Katya Jones
Eddie Kadi Luba Mushtuk
Angela Scanlon Will Mellor
Zara McDermott Giovanni Pernice
Adam Thomas Katya Jones
Ellie Leach Vito Coppola
Nikita Kanda Neil Jones

Delving into the Celebrities

The strictly come dancing cast is a testament to the show’s popularity, attracting household names. Amanda Abbington, an established actress, and Angela Rippon CBE, a veteran journalist, are among the contestants. They are joined by Layton Williams, a promising actor, and Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a familiar face in journalism.

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Professional Partners The Backbone of the Show

Every celebrity is paired with a professional dancer who guides, trains, and choreographs their routines. Professionals like Aljaž Škorjanec, Nadiya Bychkova, and Katya Jones are instrumental in ensuring that their partners put on a memorable performance every week.

An Insight into Personal Lives Nikita Kuzmin

Amidst the glitz and glamour, the strictly come dancing cast also brings personal stories to the forefront. A notable mention is Nikita Kuzmin, previously in a partnership with Nicole Wirt. As of 2023, Nikita is dating Charlie Backshall, a prominent TikTok personality from Perth, Australia.

Highlights from the Recent Episodes

The second live show gave viewers moments that would be talked about for weeks. Besides Angela Rippon’s noteworthy Charleston leg kick, Nigel Harman led the leaderboard with an impeccable Paso Doble.

Catching the Show

Eager fans can watch “Strictly Come Dancing” every Saturday night at 7:10pm on BBC One. Additionally, the show is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.


The strictly come dancing cast for 2023 has elevated the show’s entertainment quotient. With a stellar mix of celebrated names and emerging talents, the race to the Glitterball Trophy is anyone’s guess. As the season progresses, fans are in for more surprises, dance-offs, and memorable moments.


Who are some of the celebrities on Strictly Come Dancing 2023?
Amanda Abbington, Angela Rippon CBE, and Layton Williams are among the many celebrities gracing the stage this season.

When can I watch Strictly Come Dancing?
The show airs every Saturday night at 7:10pm on BBC One.

Who is Nikita Kuzmin currently dating?
In 2023, Nikita Kuzmin is in a relationship with Charlie Backshall, a TikTok star from Perth, Australia.

Who led the leaderboard in the second live show?
Nigel Harman topped the leaderboard in the second live show with his Paso Doble performance.

— by Vishal Wadhwa