Who is Trevor Siemian Wife, Bozena Marie Podkopacz?


Trevor Siemian, currently a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, has made a notable mark in the National Football League (NFL). Beyond his football journey, Siemian’s personal life has also attracted attention, especially his relationship with Bozena Marie Podkopacz. Born on October 15, 1991, Bozena is a former Northwestern University soccer player and an aspiring law student. The couple met during their college days at Northwestern University, where Siemian showcased his football skills and Podkopacz impressed on the soccer field.

  1. Summary of Trevor Siemian Wife
  2. Trevor Siemian’s Marriage to Bozena
  3. Bozena Marie Podkopacz’s Background
  4. Trevor Siemian and Bozena’s Love Story
  5. Trevor Siemian’s Career and Bozena’s Role
  6. Public Recognition
  7. Bozena’s Age
  8. Conclusion

Trevor Siemian, a renowned NFL quarterback, has played for many teams, from the Denver Broncos to the New Orleans Saints. However, it’s his bond with his wife, Bozena Marie Podkopacz, that remains a steady anchor in his life. Their love story began during their freshman year at Northwestern University.

Summary of Trevor Siemian Wife

Date Event Summary
October 15, 1991 Bozena Marie Podkopacz’s Birth
2010 Meeting at Northwestern University The beginning of Siemian and Podkopacz’s relationship
2014 Podkopacz’s All-Big Ten Second Team Recognition
2015 Siemian’s NFL Debut with Denver Broncos
June 29, 2019 Marriage Siemian and Podkopacz tie the knot in Aspen, Colorado
2023 Podkopacz in Law School Studying at the University of Minnesota

Trevor Siemian’s Marriage to Bozena

Trevor Siemian and Bozena Podkopacz exchanged vows on June 29, 2019, at the Aspen Chapel in Aspen, Colorado. Their long-term relationship, filled with love and support, led them to this beautiful union.

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Bozena Marie Podkopacz’s Background

Bozena showcased her athletic prowess as a Division I soccer player at Northwestern University, earning accolades like the All-Big Ten Second Team in 2014. Post her athletic career, she embarked on a legal journey at the University of Minnesota Law School, anticipating graduation in 2024.

Trevor Siemian and Bozena’s Love Story

The college corridors of Northwestern University witnessed the blossoming love between Siemian and Podkopacz. Both being part of the athletic department, they struck a chord and soon became inseparable, binding them in an enduring relationship fueled by their shared passion for sports.

Trevor Siemian’s Career and Bozena’s Role

Siemian began his NFL journey in 2015 and currently holds a position with the Cincinnati Bengals. Through the highs and lows of his career, Bozena has been a constant pillar of support, often seen cheering for him during matches and providing valuable insights.

Public Recognition

Bozena Marie Podkopacz, being Trevor Siemian’s wife, hasn’t gone unnoticed. Various media platforms and NFL broadcasts have spotlighted her. During a 2021 interview with the New Orleans Saints website, she expressed immense pride in being Siemian’s wife and her joy in supporting his career endeavors.

Bozena’s Age

As of 2023, Bozena Marie Podkopacz is 32 years old, having celebrated her birth on October 15, 1991.


Bozena Marie Podkopacz, apart from being recognized as Trevor Siemian’s wife, stands as a former athlete and future lawyer. Their relationship exemplifies a balance of love, understanding, and support, making them one of the admired couples in the sporting world.

Q: When did Trevor Siemian and Bozena Podkopacz meet?
Answer: The couple met during their freshman year at Northwestern University in 2010.

Q: Where did Bozena play soccer in college?
Answer: Bozena played soccer at Northwestern University.

Q: Which NFL team is Trevor Siemian currently associated with?
Answer: As of 2023, Trevor Siemian is with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Q: What is Bozena studying?
Answer: Bozena is studying law at the University of Minnesota and expects to graduate in 2024.

— by Vipul Bahl