Who is Tish Cyrus New Husband After Billy Ray Cyrus?


In recent years, the world of entertainment has seen Tish Cyrus, renowned manager and producer, experience significant transitions in her marital life. The question buzzing around the internet lately has been, “Who is Tish Cyrus’s husband?” Here’s an in-depth look at her marriages, spanning from her years with Billy Ray Cyrus to her recent nuptials with Dominic Purcell.

  1. Summary of tish cyrus husband
  2. Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
  3. Billy Ray Cyrus’s Marriage to Firerose
  4. Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell’s Wedding
  5. Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus’s History
  6. Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell’s Marriage Announcement
  7. Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus’s Divorce
  8. Conclusion

Tish Cyrus, the dynamo behind some of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars, has been in the limelight not just for her career but also her personal life. The topic “tish cyrus husband” has been trending recently, reflecting the public’s interest in her marital history.

Summary of tish cyrus husband

Aspect Details
Former Husband Billy Ray Cyrus
Duration with Billy Ray Cyrus 1993-2022
Children with Billy Ray Cyrus Miley, Braison, and Noah Cyrus
Billy Ray’s New Wife Firerose
Tish’s New Husband Dominic Purcell
Tish-Dominic Wedding Date August 19, 2023
Location of Wedding Malibu, California

Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

From 1993 to 2022, Tish Cyrus and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus shared a life together. Their marriage gave birth to the famous singer Miley Cyrus, and two other talented kids, Braison and Noah Cyrus. Fast forward to today, Tish found love again and remarried.

Billy Ray Cyrus’s Marriage to Firerose

After parting ways with Tish in April 2022, Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t stay single for long. He soon found companionship with the Australian singer Firerose. Their union resonated with the sentiment “Long Live Love.”

Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell’s Wedding

The spotlight shone on Tish again when she exchanged vows with actor Dominic Purcell. The intimate Malibu ceremony took place on August 19, 2023. Describing her wedding, Tish mentioned it felt like a “fairy tale.”

Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus’s History

Their love story began in 1993, with the couple facing multiple highs and lows throughout their journey. The duo even filed for divorce in 2010 but reconciled. However, by 2022, they decided to part ways for good.

Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell’s Marriage Announcement

News about Tish and Dominic Purcell’s marriage became public shortly after their beautiful ceremony in Malibu. The duo had gotten engaged just five months prior to their wedding day, marking a swift yet heartwarming progression of their relationship.

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus’s Divorce

The story of Tish and Billy Ray’s divorce is layered and profound. Their separation in 2022 marked the third time the couple decided to end their marriage. Despite the challenges, their journey saw three decades, five children, and countless memories.


Tish Cyrus’s life, particularly her marriages to Billy Ray Cyrus and Dominic Purcell, has intrigued many. As she steps into this new chapter with Dominic, fans and well-wishers hope for continued happiness and success in both her personal and professional spheres.


Who was Tish Cyrus married to before Dominic Purcell?
Billy Ray Cyrus.

When did Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus divorce?
In April 2022.

Who is Billy Ray Cyrus married to now?
Australian singer Firerose.

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