Who Is Sydney Sweeney Dating? Rumors Her Connection with Jonathan Davino


Sydney Sweeney, widely recognized for her stellar performance in HBO’s Euphoria, is currently under the media spotlight not just for her professional feats, but also her personal life. Recent rumors suggest a budding romance with her co-star Glen Powell, sparking curiosity and debates online. As of today, Sweeney is engaged to Chicago-based restaurateur, Jonathan Davino, with their relationship initiating back in 2018. Let’s dive deeper into the facts.

  1. Sydney Sweeney’s Low-Key Relationships
  2. The Relationship with Jonathan Davino
  3. Glen Powell Rumors
  4. Sydney Sweeney’s Response to Rumors
  5. Sydney Sweeney Breaks Silence on Rumors
  6. Media Impact and Reactions
  7. Conclusion

Sydney Sweeney’s Low-Key Relationships

Sydney Sweeney has a penchant for privacy, especially when it comes to her relationships. Reports from Elle underline her three-year relationship with Jonathan Davino, keeping it mostly under the radar.
Davino, owning restaurants in Chicago, and Sweeney’s connection seems both deep and committed. Their low-profile relationship stands as a stark contrast to the speculative rumors dominating media portals.

The Relationship with Jonathan Davino

The couple’s timeline is pretty clear. They were first sighted together in 2018 and took their relationship to the next level with an engagement in 2022. With a 13-year age gap, both seem unfazed, focusing on the strength and depth of their bond.
Their public outings include cheering at basketball games, romantic getaways in Maui, and gracing red carpet events side by side.

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Glen Powell Rumors

Adding a twist to the tale, rumors regarding a potential relationship between Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell surfaced. Their evident chemistry in the forthcoming rom-com, “Anyone But You,” has fueled these speculations.
However, pictures from their filming sessions were misinterpreted, leading to false conclusions. Thankfully, Life & Style cleared the air by confirming that there’s no romantic liaison between the two.

Sydney Sweeney’s Response to Rumors

Sydney’s response to these rumors has been nothing short of dignified. While she acknowledged the media’s curiosity, she reinforced her commitment to Jonathan Davino.
She even expressed how overwhelmed and “beat up” she felt because of the constant media attention and speculation, highlighting the challenges faced by celebrities in maintaining their privacy.

Sydney Sweeney Breaks Silence on Rumors

Recently, Sydney opened up about her feelings regarding the rumors linking her with Glen Powell. The photos from their work collaboration unintentionally lit the rumor mill. Sweeney’s candid revelations emphasize her dismay over the unwarranted media attention and its effects on her personal life.

Media Impact and Reactions

The media frenzy around Sydney’s dating life showcases our society’s unquenchable thirst for celebrity personal life scoops. Her poised and candid reactions provide a clear perspective on the reality of her relationships, underscoring the need for responsible journalism.


In essence, Sydney Sweeney is happily engaged to Jonathan Davino, and rumors of any involvement with Glen Powell are baseless. Through all the media turmoil, Sweeney has showcased commendable resilience and honesty, clarifying the misconceptions and setting the record straight.


Is Sydney Sweeney dating Glen Powell?
No, Sydney Sweeney is not dating Glen Powell. They collaborated for a film, but there’s no romantic involvement between them.

Who is Sydney Sweeney currently engaged to?
Sydney Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino, a Chicago-based restaurant owner.

How did the Glen Powell dating rumors start?
The rumors ignited due to their apparent chemistry during the filming of “Anyone But You” and subsequent misinterpretation of on-set photos.

Has Sydney responded to the dating rumors?
Yes, Sydney has clarified multiple times that she is engaged to Jonathan Davino and the rumors linking her to Glen Powell are baseless.

— by Rahul Yadav