Who Is Sherri Shepherd? Delving Into the Life of the Actress, Comedian, and TV Personality


Sherri Shepherd, the multi-faceted American actress, comedian, author, broadcaster, podcaster, and television host, is currently making headlines as the host of the daily syndicated daytime talk show, “Sherri”. Born on April 22, 1967, in Chicago, she has garnered acclaim not only for her remarkable stints on television, especially from 2007 to 2014 as a co-host of “The View”, but also for her roles in notable films and her best-selling books.

  1. Summary of who is sherri shepherd
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. The View and Notable Moments
  4. Sherri Shepherd’s Versatility
  5. Personal Life and Motherhood
  6. Current Endeavors
  7. Conclusion

Sherri Shepherd, with her vibrant personality, has established herself as a household name. Given her diverse roles spanning from acting, comedy to writing, understanding her journey becomes pivotal for every entertainment enthusiast.

Summary of who is sherri shepherd

Aspect Details
Birthdate April 22, 1967
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Initial Career Stand-up comedian
Television Debut Co-host on “The View” (2007-2014)
Notable Films One For The Money, Woodlawn, Ride Along 2
Recent Project Daytime talk show, “Sherri”
Personal Life Single mother to Jeffrey and Lamar
Faith Devout Christian
Awards Daytime Emmy Award (2012)

Sherri’s contribution is vast, and her current endeavor, “Sherri”, which premiered in September 2022, showcases her incredible wit and warmth.

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Early Life and Career

Born in the bustling city of Chicago in 1967, Sherri started her journey in the entertainment world as a stand-up comedian. Gracing shows like “Def Comedy Jam” and “ComicView”, she paved her way into television, making notable appearances on popular sitcoms such as “The Jamie Foxx Show”.

By 2007, she had a significant career breakthrough. Sherri was chosen to co-host “The View”, where she continued to win hearts until her departure in 2014.

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The View and Notable Moments

While “The View” elevated Sherri’s fame, her time on the show wasn’t devoid of controversies. One moment that created a stir was when she claimed Barbara Walters had confided in her about a liaison with Richard Pryor. Despite such hurdles, Sherri’s charm remained undeterred, bagging her the Daytime Emmy Award in 2012.

Sherri Shepherd’s Versatility

Beyond television, Sherri showcased her mettle in films, with roles in “One For The Money” and the much-anticipated “Woodlawn” and “Ride Along 2”. Additionally, she’s carved a niche as a best-selling author, penning relatable titles about self-care and dealing with rejection.

Personal Life and Motherhood

Away from the spotlight, Sherri embraces motherhood with pride. As a single mother to Jeffrey and Lamar, her life narrates tales of resilience. She’s candidly spoken about her battles with infertility and weight loss. Furthermore, her unwavering Christian faith plays a pivotal role in her life.

Current Endeavors

Sherri’s journey in the industry continues to ascend. With her talk show “Sherri” garnering applause, she’s also focused on other projects including her podcast and upcoming movies, leaving an indelible mark with her authenticity and humor.


Sherri Shepherd stands as a beacon of versatility in the entertainment world. Her journey, filled with accomplishments, challenges, and sheer talent, makes her a figure worth celebrating. From her comedic beginnings to her impactful roles in film and TV, Sherri Shepherd is a testament to perseverance and passion.


Q: When was Sherri Shepherd born?
A: April 22, 1967.

Q: Which daytime talk show did Sherri Shepherd recently start hosting?
A: “Sherri”.

Q: What was one of the controversies during her time on “The View”?
A: Sherri claimed Barbara Walters had a liaison with Richard Pryor.

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