Who is Severin Lüthi? Delving Into the Man Guiding Roger Federer Tennis Triumphs


Severin Lüthi, a Swiss national, born on January 5, 1976, in Stettlen, is recognized globally for his profound impact on the tennis world. Many credit him as the linchpin behind Roger Federer’s illustrious career.

  1. Summary of who is severin lthi
  2. Severin Lüthi’s Coaching Career
  3. Heartwarming Message to Roger Federer
  4. Key Roles and Achievements
  5. Social Media Presence
  6. Severin Lüthi’s Connection with Roger Federer
  7. Opinions on Novak Djokovic
  8. Recognition from the Tennis Community
  9. Holger Rune’s Surprise
  10. Severin Lüthi’s Perspective on Roger Federer
  11. Conclusion

With an early initiation into tennis, Severin made quite a name for himself before transitioning to coaching. His influence isn’t just felt by Federer but resonates across the tennis community, garnering respect from many.

Summary of who is severin lthi

Key Detail Information
Birth Date January 5, 1976
Nationality Swiss
Major Association Long-time coach of Roger Federer
Notable Achievement Coached Swiss Davis Cup Team to victory in November 2014
Social Media Presence Over 47,000 followers on Instagram
Recognition Named among “Top 10 Coaches in the World” by Tennis Magazine
Recent Highlight Holger Rune’s surprise meet in Zurich, 2023

Severin Lüthi’s Coaching Career

Emerging as an instrumental figure post the tragic demise of Peter Carter, Severin Lüthi embraced the role of assistant coach for the Swiss Davis Cup team in 2002. His rise was meteoric. In a mere span of three years, he was helming the team. November 2014 marked a historic win under his guidance, with Federer defeating Richard Gasquet.

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In parallel, his association with Federer since 2007 has woven stories of unparalleled success in the tennis realm.

Heartwarming Message to Roger Federer

Emotions flowed when Roger Federer announced his retirement in September 2022. Lüthi, using Instagram as his medium, shared a touching tribute. Their relationship, evidently more profound than a mere player-coach dynamic, showcased Severin’s deep admiration and respect for Federer.

Key Roles and Achievements

A multifaceted personality, Severin’s contributions are not limited to coaching Federer. Since 2008, he’s shouldered the responsibility of Captain of the Swiss Olympic team. His expertise, intuition, and leadership have received widespread acclaim, placing him amongst the revered figures in tennis.

Social Media Presence

The digital age has allowed fans an inside view of Severin’s life. Boasting over 47,000 followers on Instagram, Lüthi frequently shares snapshots of his journey, both personal and professional, establishing a deeper connection with the global community.

Severin Lüthi’s Connection with Roger Federer

Over 15 years of camaraderie with Federer has positioned Severin as more than just a coach. His analytical prowess combined with a calming demeanor has consistently aided Federer in maintaining focus and motivation, vital ingredients for sustained excellence.

Opinions on Novak Djokovic

Lüthi, a keen observer of the game, acknowledges Novak Djokovic’s astuteness. Commending Djokovic’s strategic career moves and lauding his dedication, Severin showcases his deep understanding of the sport’s intricacies.

Recognition from the Tennis Community

Esteem and admiration for Lüthi are rife within the tennis community. Accolades like being named among the “Top 10 Coaches in the World” by Tennis Magazine stand testament to his stature in the sport.

Holger Rune’s Surprise

2023 painted a delightful scene with young tennis sensation Holger Rune sharing a frame with Severin at a Zurich event. A testament to Lüthi’s influence, this moment underscored the aspirations many young talents harbor, looking up to the seasoned coach.

Severin Lüthi’s Perspective on Roger Federer

In a candid chat, Lüthi didn’t mince words in acknowledging Federer as “the greatest tennis player of all time.” His admiration for Federer’s conduct both on and off the court is palpable, terming him “a true gentleman” and an emblem of inspiration.


The narrative of Severin Lüthi paints the portrait of a man deeply embedded in tennis’s core fabric. Steering the journey of tennis maestro Roger Federer, Lüthi’s legacy promises to resonate for ages. Those keen to delve deeper can explore his Wikipedia page or ATP Tour profile.

1. When was Severin Lüthi born?
He was born on January 5, 1976.

2. How long has he been coaching Roger Federer?
Severin Lüthi has been part of Federer’s coaching journey since 2007.

3. Has he received any accolades for his coaching?
Yes, he has been named among the “Top 10 Coaches in the World” by Tennis Magazine.

4. What was his reaction to Federer’s retirement?
He shared a heartwarming message on Instagram, emphasizing their deep bond and respect for Federer’s career.

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