Who is Robert Englund Wife? The Heartwarming Story of Hollywood Iconic Couple


Robert Englund, the acclaimed Hollywood actor famed for his role as Freddy Krueger in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series, not only boasts an impressive career but also a love story that captivates many. Intriguingly, recent spikes in Google Trends indicate a growing interest in Robert Englund’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Nancy Booth. Delve into the story of this remarkable couple, their encounters, and how they’ve remained a symbol of enduring love in the unpredictable world of Hollywood.

  1. Summary of robert englund wife
  2. Robert Englund’s Early Marriages
  3. Meeting Nancy Booth
  4. Robert Englund and Nancy Booth’s Marriage
  5. Nancy Booth’s Role in Robert Englund’s Career
  6. Robert Englund’s Candid Remarks
  7. Conclusion

Robert Englund’s name resonates profoundly within the Hollywood realm, especially with the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. But beyond the spotlight, there’s a documentary titled “Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story”, which emphasizes the critical role of his wife, Nancy Booth, in his journey.

Summary of robert englund wife

Date Event Summary
1968 Robert Englund marries Elizabeth Gardner Englund’s first marriage, though short-lived.
1988 Robert Englund meets Nancy Booth A meeting on the set of “976-EVIL.”
1988 Robert Englund and Nancy Booth marry A union that’s thrived for decades.
2016 Robert Englund speaks about his physical limitations Despite challenges, his passion remains undiminished.

Robert Englund’s Early Marriages

In 1968, Englund tied the knot with Elizabeth Gardner, a nurse. Alas, their marital journey was brief, culminating in a divorce. Undeterred, Englund ventured back to the West Coast, driven by cinematic dreams.

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Meeting Nancy Booth

The entertainment industry has its way of intertwining destinies. For Englund, fate played its hand during the shooting of the thriller “976-EVIL” in 1988. It was here he met Nancy Booth, a set decorator, marking the inception of their professional and romantic alliance.

Robert Englund and Nancy Booth’s Marriage

1988 wasn’t just about professional collaborations for Englund; it was also the year he and Nancy exchanged marital vows. Their bond, now spanning over three decades, stands as an epitome of love and mutual support in Hollywood.

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Nancy Booth’s Role in Robert Englund’s Career

While Englund’s on-screen performances are widely recognized, behind the scenes, Nancy Booth’s contributions are invaluable. As a set decorator, she’s been a cornerstone in various projects. More than that, her unwavering encouragement has propelled Englund to greater heights.

Robert Englund’s Candid Remarks

Age and health concerns have prompted Englund to share candidly about his limitations, expressing that reprising the role of Freddy Krueger might not be feasible. Yet, his enthusiasm for potential cameos is palpable. Such revelations highlight his undying passion for the craft.


The tale of Robert Englund and Nancy Booth transcends the usual Hollywood narratives. It’s a testament to unwavering love, commitment, and the pivotal role of a supportive partner. Indeed, their story offers inspiration and showcases the power of love in the face of adversity.


Who is Robert Englund’s wife?
Nancy Booth, a set decorator in the entertainment industry.

How did Robert Englund and Nancy Booth meet?
They met on the set of the thriller film “976-EVIL” in 1988.

Has Robert Englund been married before?
Yes, he was previously married to a nurse named Elizabeth Gardner in 1968.

What is Robert Englund’s view on reprising his iconic role as Freddy Krueger?
Englund has mentioned his physical limitations, suggesting he might be too old for the role but is open to cameo appearances.

— by Dhruv Rawat