Who Is Naomi Osaka Married To? the 2023 Buzz!


As 2023 progresses, one question keeps buzzing in the sports and entertainment arenas: “who is Naomi Osaka married to?” To clarify, Naomi Osaka, the esteemed tennis superstar, isn’t married. However, she has been in a significant relationship with the acclaimed American rapper known mononymously as Cordae. Their relationship took a heartwarming turn this year with the birth of their first child in July.

Naomi Osaka’s Achievements:
Naomi Osaka stands as an emblem of excellence in tennis. With four Grand Slam singles titles under her belt, she’s an icon in the sports domain. Moreover, her titles include two US Open wins, two Australian Open victories, and a singular French Open triumph. It’s noteworthy that she’s the first Asian player to clinch a Grand Slam singles title.

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Summary of “who is naomi osaka married to”

Key Fact Detail
Relationship Status Not Married
Partner Cordae (American rapper)
Relationship Start 2019
Major Event in 2023 Birth of their daughter in July

Beyond Tennis – Osaka’s Activism:
Naomi doesn’t just stop at tennis; she’s a proactive advocate for social justice. She’s been vocal about issues like racism and police brutality, with a notable history of contributions to various charitable causes.

Spotlight on Cordae:
On the other end of the “who is Naomi Osaka married to” equation is Cordae. Originating from North Carolina, the 24-year-old rapper boasts a significant repertoire. He’s best recognized for his albums “The Lost Boy” and “From A Bird’s Eye View”. His lyrical prowess earned him a Grammy for “The Lost Boy” in 2021, marking him as a force in the music industry.

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Relationship Chronicles:
While their romantic journey began in 2019, the two remained largely reticent about their relationship. Yet, occasional public sightings offered glimpses into their shared world. It was only in January 2023 that Naomi shared the delightful news of her pregnancy, culminating in the birth of their daughter six months later.

While the answer to “who is Naomi Osaka married to” is simple – she isn’t married – her relationship with Cordae offers a heartfelt narrative. The couple, while maintaining their privacy, gives a sneak peek into their world filled with love and mutual respect.


Q: Is Naomi Osaka married?
A: No, Naomi Osaka is not married.

Q: Who is Naomi Osaka’s significant other?
A: Naomi Osaka is in a relationship with the rapper Cordae.

Q: Did Naomi Osaka have a baby in 2023?
A: Yes, Naomi and Cordae welcomed their daughter in July 2023.

Q: How did Naomi Osaka and Cordae meet?
A: The duo was introduced by mutual friends in 2019.

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