Who is Mike Hart? A Recent Peek into His Life and Football Milestones


“Who is Mike Hart?” This question has been echoing more frequently in recent times, especially given his significant contributions to American college football. Born on April 9, 1986, Mike Hart stands as not only an ex-player but also a prominent football coach. Recent events saw him facing health concerns during a game, which garnered substantial attention and well wishes from the college football community.

  1. Mike Hart’s Background
  2. Summary of who is mike hart
  3. Achievements and Awards
  4. Coaching Career
  5. Historical Significance
  6. Recent Updates
  7. Conclusion

Mike Hart’s Background

Leon Michael Hart, better known as Mike Hart, hails from Syracuse, New York. This former player, now turned coach, has cemented his name in the football annals, especially at the University of Michigan. Presently, he is the running backs coach at this esteemed university, contributing significantly to its football legacy.

Summary of who is mike hart

Aspect Details
Full Name Leon Michael Hart
Date of Birth April 9, 1986
Key Achievement Michigan’s all-time leading rusher
Current Position Running backs coach & run-game coordinator, University of Michigan
Noteworthy Award 2018 Broyles Award Nominee
Historic Contribution First African-American head coach of Michigan football
Recent Health Update Hospitalized in September 2023 due to a seizure during a game

Achievements and Awards

Mike Hart’s achievements are nothing short of impressive. In 2018, his name was amongst the Broyles Award nominees. Adding another feather to his cap, Rivals.com recognized him as a Top 25 recruiter. However, what makes his story even more inspiring is his recent appointment as the first African-American head coach of the Michigan football team.

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Coaching Career

Hart’s journey from a player to a coach is a testament to his dedication to the sport. After his time as a running back at the University of Michigan from 2004-2007, Hart transitioned into coaching. Apart from his current role at the University of Michigan, he has previously worked as the Orange’s running backs coach.

Historical Significance

Mike Hart isn’t just any football personality. He’s a trailblazer. Back in 2007, he broke Michigan football’s all-time rushing yards record. His recent ascension as the first African-American head coach for Michigan football further highlights his historical impact on the sport.

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Recent Updates

The football world was recently shaken when Hart was hospitalized following a seizure during a game. Thankfully, updates indicate his recovery is going well. Currently, in his third season as the University of Michigan’s running backs coach and run-game coordinator, Hart continues to leave an indelible mark.


In answering “who is Mike Hart?”, one finds a saga of dedication, achievements, and resilience. A former player, a remarkable coach, and an inspiration to many, Hart’s story is a shining beacon in the football world. The recent health scare only strengthened the bond of support from the football community for Mike Hart.


Q1: What recent event brought Mike Hart into the limelight?
Mike Hart was recently hospitalized due to a seizure during a game.

Q2: Why is Mike Hart historically significant in Michigan football?
He broke Michigan’s all-time rushing yards record in 2007 and became the first African-American head coach of the team.

Q3: What’s Mike Hart’s current role?
He serves as the running backs coach and run-game coordinator at the University of Michigan.

Q4: How has the football community responded to Hart’s health concerns?
The college football community has been extending their thoughts, prayers, and support to Mike Hart and his family.

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