Who Is Kevin Porter Jr. Girlfriend? Delving into Kysre Gondrezick WNBA Career and Recent Events


In recent days, many have been searching for the answer to “who is Kevin Porter Jr. girlfriend?” The reason for this heightened interest is due to a disturbing incident that took place on September 11, 2023. Kevin Porter Jr., the NBA guard for the Houston Rockets, was arrested for allegedly assaulting Kysre Gondrezick, his girlfriend and a former WNBA player, in a Manhattan hotel.

  1. Summary of Who is Kevin Porter Jr Girlfriend
  2. Kevin Porter Jr.’s Arrest
  3. Who Is Kysre Gondrezick?
  4. News Coverage
  5. Legal Consequences
  6. Background on Kevin Porter Jr.
  7. Conclusion

Summary of Who is Kevin Porter Jr Girlfriend

Detail Information
Date of Incident September 11, 2023
Location Manhattan Hotel, NYC
Allegations against Kevin Porter Jr. Assault and Strangulation
Kysre Gondrezick’s WNBA Teams Indiana Fever, Chicago Sky
Kevin Porter Jr.’s NBA Teams Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets
Scheduled Court Date September 13, 2023
Kevin Porter Jr.’s Draft Year 2019
Kysre Gondrezick’s Net Worth Approximately $1 million

Kevin Porter Jr.’s Arrest

On that fateful day in September, at around 6:30 AM, authorities apprehended Porter without resistance. The allegations against him are undeniably severe, accusing him of physically harming Gondrezick, which subsequently led to her hospitalization due to neck injuries and facial lacerations.

Who Is Kysre Gondrezick?

For those unfamiliar with Kysre Gondrezick outside of this incident, she is much more than just Kevin Porter Jr.’s girlfriend. At 26 years old, Gondrezick boasts an impressive resume in the sports world. She graced the WNBA courts, playing for teams like the Indiana Fever and the Chicago Sky from 2020 to 2022. Beyond the court, Kysre Gondrezick has also built a substantial online presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram, where fans have shown their support during these trying times.

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News Coverage

This unsettling news regarding Porter’s arrest quickly spread across various media outlets. Headlines such as “Kevin Porter Jr. Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend” by ESPN and “NBA Star Kevin Porter Jr. Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges” from TMZ have become prevalent. The reaction to these revelations has been one of shock and dismay, especially among fans and followers on social media platforms.

Legal Consequences

Considering the severity of the charges, Kevin Porter Jr. faces considerable legal consequences. While the court date on September 13, 2023, will provide more clarity, a conviction could see Porter serving time for felonies like assault and strangulation. Beyond jail time, such allegations and a possible conviction could significantly impact his career in the NBA.

Background on Kevin Porter Jr.

For context, Kevin Porter Jr. entered the NBA in 2019, drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. After showcasing his prowess on the court, the Houston Rockets acquired him in a trade in 2022. Despite his evident talent, this is not the first time he’s found himself embroiled in off-court controversies.


The story surrounding “who is Kevin Porter Jr. girlfriend” and the recent assault allegations is still unfolding. The seriousness of the charges cannot be understated, and the situation emphasizes the need for ongoing discussions about domestic violence in society. While Porter remains innocent until proven guilty, it’s evident that the repercussions of this incident will be long-lasting for all parties involved.


1. Who is Kevin Porter Jr.’s girlfriend?
Kysre Gondrezick, a former WNBA player.

2. When did the alleged assault take place?
On September 11, 2023.

3. Which WNBA teams did Kysre Gondrezick play for?
She played for the Indiana Fever and Chicago Sky.

4. What are the legal charges against Kevin Porter Jr.?
He has been charged with assault and strangulation.

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