Who Is Jordan Riki Wife and What the Story Behind His Personal Life?


Jordan Riki, a renowned figure in the National Rugby League (NRL), has recently grabbed attention not only for his exceptional performances for the Brisbane Broncos but also for his personal life, especially concerning his wife. Born on January 18, 2000, in Raglan, New Zealand, Jordan’s life has been a blend of significant on-field accomplishments and heartwarming off-field moments.

  1. Summary of Jordan Riki Wife and Personal Life
  2. Jordan Riki’s Family Background
  3. Jordan Riki’s Relationship Status
  4. NRL 2023 Season Highlights
  5. Jordan Riki’s Kiwi Connection
  6. Impactful Moments
  7. Social Media Presence
  8. Conclusion

Understanding Jordan’s journey, both personal and professional, gives fans a deeper insight into the life of this rising rugby star. From his roots in New Zealand to his marital status, this article unravels it all.

Summary of Jordan Riki Wife and Personal Life

Highlighted Point Description
Birthdate January 18, 2000, Raglan, New Zealand
Parents Janelle Riki and Ra Riki
Sibling Brother – Jesse Arthars
Wife Willow Riki, Married in 2022
NRL Debut 2020 for the Brisbane Broncos
2023 Achievements 15 tries, 60 tackle breaks, and a spot in the NZ Kiwis squad

Jordan Riki’s Family Background

Jordan Riki was born to proud parents, Janelle Riki and Ra Riki. A strong bond with his sibling, particularly his brother Jesse Arthars, adds to his familial ties. Jordan’s diverse heritage is another point of interest, as he connects with his Māori roots through his mother and embraces Indigenous Australian heritage from his biological father’s side.

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Jordan Riki’s Relationship Status

Diving deeper into “jordan riki wife”, we find that Jordan is blissfully married to Willow Riki. Their commitment to each other was sealed in a private ceremony back in 2022. Beyond just being a partner, Willow is seen cheering for her husband from the sidelines, reflecting their deep bond. For Jordan, the pillars of his life are his wife and son, who inspire and motivate him every day.

NRL 2023 Season Highlights

2023 was a stellar year for Jordan. Showcasing his prowess, he played a pivotal role in leading the Broncos to the preliminary final. Remarkably, he finished the season with 15 tries and 60 tackle breaks. This led to his esteemed position in the New Zealand Kiwis squad for the Rugby League World Cup.

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Jordan Riki’s Kiwi Connection

Though Australian terrains shaped his childhood, Jordan’s heart beats for New Zealand. His early days of playing junior footy were with the Hornby Panthers in Christchurch. Having made his NRL debut for the Broncos in 2020, his loyalty towards his Kiwi heritage remains unshaken, as evident in his representations for New Zealand at various stages, including the Māori All Stars.

Impactful Moments

Jordan’s impact in the NRL is undeniable. His aggressive running style combined with his powerful tackle has made adversaries wary. But it’s not just his on-field performance that stands out. Off the field, Jordan is a beacon for the young, promoting Māori culture and values.

Social Media Presence

With a sizable following, particularly on Instagram, Jordan Riki connects with fans, sharing snippets of his life, both personal and professional. His engaging personality and consistent interactions have made him a favorite among his followers.


Jordan Riki is more than just an NRL star. He’s a devoted husband, a doting father, and a representative of his rich cultural heritage. His journey from New Zealand to the NRL and beyond is an inspiration for many, promising a legacy that will continue to shine.


1. Who is Jordan Riki’s wife?
Willow Riki.

2. When did Jordan Riki make his NRL debut?
In 2020, for the Brisbane Broncos.

3. What achievements did Jordan Riki bag in 2023?
He scored 15 tries, made 60 tackle breaks, and earned a spot in the NZ Kiwis squad.

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