Who is Garrett Wilson? A Closer Look at the New York Jet Rising Star


Garrett Wilson, an outstanding talent in the NFL, finished his 2022 season with notable statistics: 83 receptions, 1,103 yards, and 4 touchdowns. This earned him the prestigious Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Now entering his second season in 2023, Wilson isn’t setting specific personal goals but remains a player to watch closely.

  1. Summary of who is Garrett Wilson
  2. Garrett Wilson’s Background
  3. Garrett Wilson’s 2022 Season
  4. Profile on ESPN
  5. AP Offensive Rookie of the Year
  6. Garrett Wilson’s Player Details
  7. Expectations for the 2023 Season
  8. Memorable Touchdown Catches
  9. Garrett Wilson’s Impact on Quarterbacks
  10. Conclusion
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This rising star, born on July 22, 2000, is redefining the dynamics of the game with his impressive plays and contributions to the New York Jets. Let’s delve deeper into his journey.

Summary of who is Garrett Wilson

Attribute Details
Full Name Garrett Wilson
Date of Birth July 22, 2000
Team New York Jets
Position Wide Receiver
2022 Season Stats 83 receptions, 1,103 yards, 4 TDs
Awards 2022 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year
Experience 2 years
Physical Attributes 6-0 height, 192 lbs

Garrett Wilson’s Background

Garrett Wilson is a name that’s become synonymous with excellence in the NFL. He was born on July 22, 2000. Currently, he showcases his talents as an American football wide receiver for the New York Jets.

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Garrett Wilson’s 2022 Season

The 2022 season was nothing short of remarkable for Wilson. With 83 receptions, 1,103 yards, and 4 touchdowns, he proved his mettle. His exceptional performance didn’t go unnoticed, bagging him the Offensive Rookie of the Year title.

Profile on ESPN

For ardent fans and those curious about who is Garrett Wilson, ESPN offers a comprehensive profile. Here, enthusiasts can find the latest news, real-time stats, and game highlights of this prodigious talent.

AP Offensive Rookie of the Year

Being recognized as the 2022 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year isn’t a minor achievement. This title reaffirms Wilson’s prowess on the field and signifies the promising trajectory of his career.

Garrett Wilson’s Player Details

Sporting jersey number #17, Wilson has 2 years of professional experience. At a height of 6-0 and weighing 192 lbs, this 23-year-old has already made significant imprints, like his memorable 3-yard touchdown catch from Zach Wilson against Buffalo.

Expectations for the 2023 Season

The anticipation is palpable. As the opening night for the Jets approaches, all eyes are on second-year wide receiver Garrett Wilson. The expectations are sky-high, and he’s eagerly awaiting to showcase the 2023 Jets’ prowess on the field.

Memorable Touchdown Catches

Garrett Wilson’s touchdown catches are a spectacle. Whether it’s the astounding juggling TD catch that left Joe Buck stunned or the acrobatic catch marking the Jets’ first touchdown of the season, he never ceases to amaze.

Garrett Wilson’s Impact on Quarterbacks

Every quarterback’s dream is to have a receiver like Wilson. His unparalleled skills and determination give quarterbacks an edge, providing ample opportunities to make those game-changing plays.


From his groundbreaking 2022 season to his readiness for 2023, Garrett Wilson’s journey in the NFL has been nothing short of inspiring. As we await his performances in the upcoming season, one thing’s for sure – the future of the NFL shines brighter with stars like him.

Additional Resources

For those keen on following Garrett Wilson’s career closely, platforms like ESPN and NFL.com offer detailed profiles, complete with stats, videos, and highlights.


2. Which team does Garrett Wilson play for?
He plays for the New York Jets.

3. How did Wilson perform in the 2022 season?
He completed the season with 83 receptions, 1,103 yards, and 4 touchdowns.

4. What award did Wilson win in 2022?
He won the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

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