Who is Clay Bennett? Exploring the Multifaceted Life of the Businessman and Cartoonist


In the contemporary era, a name that has been reverberating in various spheres is “who is Clay Bennett?” Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1959, Clay Bennett has etched his name in diverse fields, from business to the world of cartoons, and notably, as the owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

  1. Summary of who is Clay Bennett
  2. Clay Bennett – The Businessman
  3. Clay Bennett – The Editorial Cartoonist
  4. Personal Life
  5. Other Roles and Interests
  6. Public Recognition and Contributions
  7. Conclusion

Clay Bennett, born in 1959, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is not just a businessman but also a renowned editorial cartoonist. His significance has grown over the years, leading many to question, “who is Clay Bennett?”

Summary of who is Clay Bennett

Date Event
1959 Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
1980s Initiated his business career
2006 Became chairman of Professional Basketball Club LLC
2008 Served as president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
2012 Honored as Oklahoma’s Businessman of the Year
2019 Inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame

Clay Bennett – The Businessman

Venturing into the business world in the 1980s, Bennett showcased his prowess in various roles. The chairman of the Professional Basketball Club LLC, Bennett’s name is synonymous with the NBA franchise, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Delving into the history, it’s intriguing to note the team’s prior identity as the Seattle SuperSonics, which under Bennett’s leadership, transitioned to its current form.

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Clay Bennett – The Editorial Cartoonist

Away from the basketball court, Bennett’s strokes on paper have made a considerable impact. As an editorial cartoonist, his creations often resonate with liberal viewpoints. Furthermore, his leadership as the past president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists is a testament to his prominence in this domain.

Personal Life

Life beyond work for Bennett is enriched with family moments. Married to artist Cindy Procious, Bennett takes pride in his role as a father to Matt, Ben, and Sarah.

Other Roles and Interests

Bennett’s diverse interests don’t just end with business and cartooning. As the president of Dorchester Capital, a private investment company, he demonstrates his adeptness in the world of finance. While specifics on other roles are sparse, Bennett’s varied involvements are noteworthy.

Public Recognition and Contributions

Recognition has not eluded Bennett, whose contributions in business and arts have been lauded. Honored as Oklahoma’s Businessman of the Year in 2012 and finding a place in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2019, Bennett’s accolades speak volumes. Recent times have also seen him involved in various events, marking his ongoing influence.


To answer “who is Clay Bennett?” is to journey through the life of a businessman, an editorial cartoonist, and the owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder. His multifaceted roles and significant contributions to Oklahoma City and beyond are undeniable.

Q1: When was Clay Bennett born?
A: He was born in 1959 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Q2: Which NBA franchise does Clay Bennett own?
A: He owns the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Q3: What are Clay Bennett’s cartoons typically about?
A: His cartoons often present liberal viewpoints.

Q4: Who is Clay Bennett married to?
A: He is married to artist Cindy Procious.

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