Who Is Blake Wheeler? Unraveling the Journey of the NHL Star


In recent news, Blake Wheeler’s association with the Winnipeg Jets has drawn to a close. This follows the Jets’ decision to place Wheeler on unconditional waivers last Friday. Their objective? To buy out the final year of the ex-captain’s contract, which had an average annual value slated at $8.25 million US for the 2023-24 season.

  1. Summary of who is blake wheeler
  2. Blake Wheeler’s Career Overview
  3. Blake Wheeler’s Hockey Stats
  4. Player Profile on Eliteprospects.com
  5. NHL Free Agency 2023 and Contract Buyouts
  6. Adam Lowry’s Captaincy
  7. Blake Wheeler’s Regular Season Point Total Prediction
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Blake Wheeler, born on August 31, 1986, is an integral name in the ice hockey world. Currently, this American professional ice hockey player is associated with the New York Rangers of the NHL. However, his journey with the Winnipeg Jets has been significant, marking a considerable chapter in his hockey career.

Summary of who is blake wheeler

Aspect Information
Full Name Blake James Wheeler
Birth Date August 31, 1986
Current Team New York Rangers
Previous Team Winnipeg Jets
2022-23 Playoff Stats GP: 5, G: 2, A: 4, P: 6, +/-: +2
Notable Event (2023) Contract buyout by Winnipeg Jets

Blake Wheeler’s Career Overview

Hailing from Plymouth, MN, Wheeler has had an illustrious journey in the NHL. His recent shift from the Winnipeg Jets to the New York Rangers has been the talk of the town, especially with the Jets deciding to buy out the last year of his contract. It’s worth noting that his contract for the upcoming 2023-24 season was valued at an impressive $8.25 million US.

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Blake Wheeler’s Hockey Stats

For those tracking Wheeler’s performance during the 2022-23 Playoffs, he did not disappoint. With 5 games played, he scored 2 goals and assisted in 4, garnering a total of 6 points and a commendable +2 rating. His career playoffs resonate with such stellar performances, reflecting his caliber on the rink.

Player Profile on Eliteprospects.com

Eliteprospects.com features a detailed profile of Blake Wheeler, emphasizing his career journey. Born in Plymouth, MN, with a towering height of 6’5″ and a weight of 220 lbs, Wheeler has consistently showcased his talent, most recently with the New York Rangers.

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NHL Free Agency 2023 and Contract Buyouts

The NHL’s stringent salary cap has its implications. As the league steers towards the onset of free agency this Saturday, several prominent names, including Blake Wheeler, have faced contract buyouts. These changes are reshaping teams and the dynamics of the league.

Adam Lowry’s Captaincy

With Wheeler’s departure, the Winnipeg Jets ushered in a new era. Adam Lowry, a 30-year-old forward, has stepped into his 10th season with Winnipeg wearing the captain’s ‘C’. This shift marks a significant change in the team’s leadership, especially since Lowry is only the third player to be honored with captaincy in Winnipeg’s history.

Blake Wheeler’s Regular Season Point Total Prediction

As Wheeler preps for his inaugural season in the Big Apple, the 37-year-old right-winger’s potential is much debated. Having already carved a successful NHL career, expectations run high for his regular season with the Rangers.

Getting to Know Blake Wheeler

Beyond the rink, Wheeler’s persona has intrigued many. A particular article on NHL.com dives deep into getting to know the New York Rangers’ veteran forward, offering glimpses of his life through rapid-fire questions.

Additional Resources

For avid followers, various sources offer in-depth details about Blake Wheeler. From articles and news updates to stats, platforms like CBSSports.com provide comprehensive insights about this NHL star.


Blake Wheeler’s journey in the NHL is nothing short of remarkable. From his days with the Winnipeg Jets to his current association with the New York Rangers, he remains a player to watch. For those captivated by his story, the world of NHL offers endless updates on his evolving career.


1. Where was Blake Wheeler born?
He was born in Plymouth, MN.

3. Which team is Blake Wheeler currently associated with?
Blake Wheeler is currently with the New York Rangers.

4. Why did the Winnipeg Jets buy out Wheeler’s contract?
The decision was influenced by the stringent NHL salary cap leading up to the 2023 free agency.

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