Who Are Luba Mushtuk Strictly Partners Over the Years?


Luba Mushtuk, a talented professional dancer hailing from Russia, has been an integral part of the Strictly Come Dancing family since 2016. She made her debut as a dancer in 2018 and has since partnered with a range of celebrities. In the upcoming 2023 series of Strictly Come Dancing, Luba is set to pair up with the actor Adam Thomas, who has praised her immensely for her teaching prowess and dedication.

  1. Summary of Luba Mushtuk Strictly Partners
  2. Luba Mushtuk’s Strictly Partnerships
  3. Series 17 with James Cracknell
  4. The 2022 Series
  5. 2019 Partnership with James Cracknell
  6. Personal Relationship with Giovanni Pernice
  7. Luba Mushtuk’s Professional Journey
  8. Luba Mushtuk’s Current Relationship with Vito Coppola
  9. Strictly Come Dancing 2023 Pairings
  10. Conclusion

Throughout her time on the show, Luba’s partners have been a mix of athletes and entertainers. Adam Thomas, her latest partner, has expressed his excitement about their collaboration, emphasizing how Luba constantly pushes him to excel.

Summary of Luba Mushtuk Strictly Partners

Date Event Summary
2016 Luba joins Strictly Come Dancing Became an assistant choreographer
2018 Luba’s debut as a professional dancer Partnered with James Cracknell; faced early elimination
2019 Partnership with James Cracknell Another early exit in the first week
2020 Partnered with Jason Bell Finished the competition in ninth place
2021 Luba in 2021 series Did not have a celebrity partner
2022 Luba in 2022 series Joined Rickie Haywood-Williams for the Christmas Special
2023 Luba’s partnership in 2023 Partnered with actor Adam Thomas

Luba Mushtuk’s Strictly Partnerships

Series 17 with James Cracknell

Luba’s journey on the show began with rower James Cracknell during Series 17. However, their dance journey was short-lived as they were the first pair to be eliminated, facing defeat against David James and Nadiya Bychkova.

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The 2022 Series

2019 was not the only time Luba paired with James Cracknell. In the 2022 series, though she did not have a regular celebrity partner, Luba graced the stage in the Strictly Christmas Special alongside BBC Radio 1 DJ Rickie Haywood-Williams.

2019 Partnership with James Cracknell

Luba’s commitment to dance was evident when she once again paired up with athlete James Cracknell in 2019. Despite their efforts, the duo faced an early elimination in the first week.

Personal Relationship with Giovanni Pernice

In 2017, whispers filled the air about Luba’s relationship with fellow Strictly dancer, Giovanni Pernice. While their romantic involvement was brief, they continue to share a warm friendship.

Luba Mushtuk’s Professional Journey

Luba’s passion for dance has led her to collaborate with several professional dancers on the show, including names like Giovanni Pernice, Neil Jones, and Gorka Marquez. She also showcased her talent globally with the renowned show, Burn the Floor.

Luba Mushtuk’s Current Relationship with Vito Coppola

Romance brewed between Luba and Vito Coppola, another professional dancer from Strictly Come Dancing. Their relationship has now surpassed a year, and they’re a testament to mutual support and admiration in the world of dance.

Strictly Come Dancing 2023 Pairings

The 2023 series promises a fresh ensemble of celebrity-pro pairings. Among them, the duo of Adam Thomas and Luba Mushtuk is eagerly anticipated, with fans waiting to see the magic they create on the dance floor.


Luba Mushtuk has beautifully navigated her journey on Strictly Come Dancing, partnering with diverse celebrities and consistently pushing boundaries. With the unwavering support of her boyfriend Vito Coppola, she’s all geared up for the upcoming 2023 series. Stay tuned for more updates on this talented dancer!


Who is Luba Mushtuk’s partner in the 2023 series?
Adam Thomas, the actor known for his roles in Emmerdale and Waterloo Road.

How long have Luba Mushtuk and Vito Coppola been together?
They have been in a relationship for over a year.

Who were Luba’s previous partners on Strictly?
She has partnered with celebrities like James Cracknell, Jason Bell, and participated in special events with Rickie Haywood-Williams.

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