Who Are Joe Biden Children? Exploring Family, Finances, and Facts


Joe Biden, currently serving as the 46th president of the United States, is the father to four children: Beau, Hunter, Naomi, and Ashley. Tragically, in 1972, his first wife, Neilia Hunter, and their daughter Naomi lost their lives in a car accident. Joe later married Jill Biden in 1977, with whom he has a daughter, Ashley. Recent controversies have arisen surrounding financial connections with China, especially concerning one of his sons, Hunter Biden.

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  2. Joe Biden’s Children
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For someone at the helm of the world’s leading nation, it’s crucial to understand not just the man but the family that stands behind him. This article delves deep into the lives of Joe Biden’s children, their roles, and the controversies that surround them.

Summary of Joe Biden’s Children

Fact Details
Beau Biden Lawyer, Politician, passed away in 2015
Hunter Biden Businessman, controversies with China
Ashley Biden Social worker, Activist
Naomi Biden Tragically died in a car accident in 1972
Joe’s marriages First wife Neilia, later married Jill in 1977
Financial controversies Hunter’s alleged $250,000 from a Chinese company in 2019

Joe Biden’s family has been both a source of strength and controversy. The significance of his children’s roles, combined with financial disputes tied to China, has become a focal point in recent discussions. This article aims to shed light on the intricacies of Joe Biden’s family, especially his children.

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Joe Biden’s Children

Beau Biden

Beau Biden, born in 1969, was not only Joe Biden’s eldest son but also a notable lawyer and politician. As the attorney general of Delaware from 2007 to 2015, Beau made a name for himself in politics. Sadly, in 2015, the family suffered a loss when Beau passed away from brain cancer at just 46.

Hunter Biden

Hunter, born in 1970, has been a prominent figure in various business sectors. His roles on the boards of companies, including the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings, have been both noteworthy and controversial. The discussions surrounding Hunter’s alleged ethical misconduct and financial ties to China have been intense, leading to public disputes and family tensions.

Ashley Biden

Ashley Biden, born to Joe and Jill Biden in 1981, has made her mark as a social worker and activist. Her work with nonprofits like the Delaware Center for Justice and the YWCA demonstrates her commitment to societal change.

Naomi Biden

Although Naomi’s time on this earth was brief, being born in 1971 and tragically killed in a car accident the following year, her memory remains a significant part of the Biden family narrative.

Joe Biden’s Statements

In 2020, Joe Biden publicly denied any financial gain from China for his family. However, by 2022, evidence surfaced, indicating Hunter Biden had received $250,000 from a Chinese entity in 2019.

Family Dynamics

Joe Biden’s journey through love and loss, including two marriages and the heart-wrenching death of Beau, has undoubtedly shaped the Biden family dynamics. While Joe shares a close bond with his surviving children, Hunter and Ashley, reports suggest some familial tensions, especially between the two siblings.


The lives and controversies of Joe Biden’s children hold significant importance in understanding the man himself. Their stories, filled with achievements, challenges, and scandals, offer a glimpse into the private world of a very public figure. As discussions continue, further exploration into the Biden family dynamics promises more insights and revelations.


Who are Joe Biden’s children?
Joe Biden has four children: Beau, Hunter, Naomi, and Ashley.

Did Joe Biden have children from two different marriages?
Yes, Beau, Hunter, and Naomi were from his first marriage to Neilia Hunter. Ashley is his daughter with his second wife, Jill Biden.

Who was Beau Biden?
Beau Biden was Joe’s eldest son, a lawyer, and the attorney general of Delaware. He passed away in 2015 from brain cancer.

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