Where Was ‘No One Will Save You’ Filmed? Locations Unveiled Louisiana


where was no one will save you filmed
where was no one will save you filmed

“No One Will Save You,” the much-talked-about sci-fi horror film from 2023, is a directorial masterpiece by Brian Duffield, with Kaitlyn Dever taking the lead role. Set against a backdrop of a seemingly quiet community, it tells the tale of Brynn, who finds herself in the midst of an unexpected alien invasion. So, where was “No One Will Save You” filmed? Dive in to uncover the intriguing locations.

  1. Filming Locations in Louisiana
  2. Summary of where was no one will save you filmed
  3. The Plot of “No One Will Save You”
  4. Movie Review
  5. Insights from the Director
  6. Comparisons and Reception
  7. Conclusion

Filming Locations in Louisiana

Louisiana, and particularly the vibrant surroundings of New Orleans, became the heartbeat of “No One Will Save You.” The picturesque landscapes of the state played host from April 2022 to June 2022, covering areas like:

Summary of where was no one will save you filmed

Date Data Summary
April 2022 – June 2022 Filming locations: New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish, Plaquemines Parish, Jefferson Parish The film’s principal photography took place predominantly in Louisiana.
2023 Streaming Platform “No One Will Save You” is now available on Hulu.
2023 Genre Sci-fi horror film starring Kaitlyn Dever.
2023 Reception The movie has garnered mixed reviews but is recommended for genre enthusiasts.

The magic of Louisiana’s distinct aesthetics breathed life into the film, providing authenticity that few other places could have offered.

The Plot of “No One Will Save You”

Brynn, portrayed brilliantly by Kaitlyn Dever, is a reclusive soul. Her days are consumed by solitude, cooking, dancing, and small hobbies. However, the calm is brutally disrupted when extraterrestrial beings decide to make her home their battleground. The challenges Brynn faces and her fight against the alien onslaught beautifully intertwine with the atmospheric Louisiana locations.

Movie Review

Brian Duffield’s creative direction combined with Kaitlyn Dever’s poignant portrayal of Brynn, makes “No One Will Save You” a sci-fi horror film with undeniable potential. As suspense unfolds in almost every scene, one cannot ignore the eeriness created by limited dialogues, making every silent moment scream volumes.

Insights from the Director

Duffield, during a candid chat with Horror Film School, shed light on the unique challenge and allure of crafting a narrative that leaned heavily on visuals rather than words. Drawing inspiration from horror legends like “Alien” and “The Thing,” he envisioned a world where dread lurked in every shadow.

Comparisons and Reception

Despite its unique narrative, “No One Will Save You” has been juxtaposed with movies like “A Quieter Place.” Critics have been torn between praising its atmospheric horror and pointing out plot weaknesses. However, Dever’s strong lead performance remains universally applauded.


For those wondering “where was no one will save you filmed,” Louisiana, with its haunting beauty, is the answer. Despite the mixed reviews, this film stands as a testament to how location can amplify a story. If you’re intrigued by sci-fi horrors, this one is certainly worth the watch.

1. When was “No One Will Save You” filmed?
It was filmed between April and June in 2022.

2. Who plays the lead character, Brynn, in the film?
Kaitlyn Dever brilliantly portrays the character of Brynn.

3. Is “No One Will Save You” available for streaming?
Yes, you can stream “No One Will Save You” on Hulu.

4. Where was the primary filming location for the movie?
The film was majorly shot in Louisiana, especially around the New Orleans area.

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