Where Is Tropical Storm Harold Now? Live Path Updates Indicate Texas on Alert


Tropical Storm Harold, having emerged overnight in the Gulf of Mexico, has set its sights on the coast of Texas. As of this morning, it looms approximately 155 miles east-southeast of Port Mansfield, Texas. For Texans, and especially for those in the storm’s path, the question on everyone’s mind is: “Where is tropical storm Harold headed?”

  1. Summary of where is tropical storm harold headed
  2. Current Position and Trajectory
  3. Expected Rainfall and Flooding
  4. Wind Speed and Potential Damage
  5. Atlantic Hurricane Season: An Overview
  6. A Glimpse into the Past: Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold
  7. Timings and Anticipated Landfall
  8. Warnings and Precautions
  9. FAQs

With an evolving situation and potentially destructive outcomes, keeping informed is essential. Therefore, this article delves into the specifics of Harold’s trajectory, expected impact, and how it fits into the broader context of this year’s hurricane season.

Summary of where is tropical storm harold headed

Aspect Details
Current Position 155 miles east-southeast of Port Mansfield
Rainfall Expectation Up to 7 inches in parts of Texas
Wind Speed Sustained at 45 mph
Anticipated Landfall Texas Gulf Coast, Tuesday afternoon
Warnings in Effect Tropical storm warning and watch

Current Position and Trajectory

Early on August 22, 2023, the formation of Tropical Storm Harold was confirmed. At the moment, the storm is roughly 155 miles east-southeast of Port Mansfield, Texas, and is moving west-northwest.

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The swift westward movement of the storm means it’s poised to make landfall by Tuesday afternoon, bringing with it torrential rains and the possibility of flash floods.

Expected Rainfall and Flooding

It’s forecasted that Tropical Storm Harold could dump up to 7 inches of rain on parts of Texas. Such heavy rainfall, especially when it comes down rapidly, poses a significant risk of flash flooding, especially in low-lying areas.

Residents in the storm’s path should be on the lookout for flooding signs and heed any evacuation orders.

Wind Speed and Potential Damage

Tropical Storm Harold is currently whipping up winds at a sustained speed of 45 mph. Winds of this magnitude are capable of toppling trees, downing power lines, and causing other property damages.

Atlantic Hurricane Season: An Overview

The emergence of Harold isn’t isolated. It signals that the Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing. The storm, being the seventh named one this year, indicates a ramped-up season. Residents along the coast should remain vigilant as more storms might be on the horizon.

A Glimpse into the Past: Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold

The name “Harold” might ring a bell for some. In April 2020, Severe Tropical Cyclone Harold wreaked havoc across the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, and Tonga. The storm’s destructive power rendered thousands homeless.

While the two storms are distinct, their shared name serves as a poignant reminder of the potential devastation tropical cyclones can bring.

Timings and Anticipated Landfall

Tropical Storm Harold’s expected landfall is later today, on the Texas Gulf Coast. Once the storm moves inland, it will likely start to lose strength, but not before delivering a deluge.

Warnings and Precautions

A tropical storm warning encompasses the Texas coast from the Rio Grande to Port Arthur. Furthermore, from Port Arthur to San Luis Pass, there’s a tropical storm watch in effect. Residents are urged to prepare and act on official directives.


Q: How quickly did Harold form?
A: Tropical Storm Harold formed overnight in the Gulf of Mexico on August 22, 2023.

Q: What wind speeds is Harold currently producing?
A: The storm has maximum sustained winds of 45 mph.

Q: When is Harold expected to make landfall in Texas?
A: The storm is projected to hit the Texas Gulf Coast by Tuesday afternoon.

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