When Did Robert Kraft Begin His Ownership Journey with the Patriots?


Robert Kraft, an ardent football enthusiast, secured ownership of the New England Patriots in 1994. He procured the team for a whopping $172 million, marking a significant turn in the franchise’s trajectory, which subsequently celebrated six Super Bowl triumphs.

A Lifelong Football Fan’s Dream Come True
From childhood, Robert Kraft’s heart resonated with the Patriots’ spirit. Residing in Brookline, Massachusetts, his family cherished season tickets, turning games into family affairs. Moreover, Kraft wasn’t just a spectator; he played football during his high school and collegiate years.

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Summary of when did robert kraft buy the patriots

Aspect Details
Date of Purchase January 21, 1994
Purchase Price $172 million
Current Team Valuation Approximately $6 billion
Number of Super Bowls Won Since Purchase Six
Notable Action Preventing Relocation Acquisition of Foxboro Raceway in 1985
Significant Date for Fans January 21 (Anniversary of Purchase)
Endorsement for Future NFL Ownership Jeff Bezos

Taking the Helm: Ownership Begins
January 21, 1994, is a momentous date when Kraft transitioned from a dedicated fan to the esteemed chairman and CEO of the Patriots. He purchased the team from James Busch Orthwein, who had intentions to relocate the Patriots to St. Louis, a move Kraft successfully blocked.

Foiling the Relocation Plan
Orthwein, having acquired the Patriots in 1992, eyed St. Louis as their new home. Kraft, however, placed a strategic roadblock. His investment in Foxboro Raceway in 1985, located adjacent to the stadium, gave him the leverage to prevent any unplanned migrations.

The Foxboro Raceway Purchase
In 1985, Kraft astutely secured a 10-year option on Foxboro Raceway. Situated next to the stadium, this acquisition not only amplified Kraft’s influence over the team’s vicinity but also considerably hindered Orthwein’s relocation plans.

The Price Tag: Robert Kraft’s Purchase
$172 million might seem like a colossal sum in 1994, but given the Patriots’ skyrocketing success, it’s evident that Kraft’s investment was sagacious. Under his leadership, the team clinched six Super Bowl rings, reinforcing their formidable presence in the sport.

Current Value and Success
Today, the Patriots boast an impressive valuation of approximately $6 billion, an exponential growth since Kraft’s initial investment. Their journey to the playoffs 22 times post Kraft’s acquisition cements their esteemed status in the NFL.

Celebrating the Anniversary
For Patriots aficionados, January 21 isn’t just another date. It signifies the day Kraft formally embraced the Patriots’ legacy, an occasion commemorated with fervor by donning Patriots merchandise and participating in Gillette Stadium festivities.

The Role of Pop Music’s Most Famous Family
Interestingly, the Jacksons, iconic figures in the music domain, inadvertently played a part in Kraft’s acquisition. In 1993, the Jacksons sought to purchase the Patriots but encountered financing roadblocks, paving the way for Kraft’s successful bid.

Hall of Fame Worthy: Robert Kraft’s Impact
Kraft’s influence extends beyond just the Patriots. His ownership heralded a renaissance for the team, Boston, New England, and even the NFL at large, substantiating his Hall of Fame worthiness.

Robert Kraft’s Net Worth and Business Ventures
Beyond the NFL, Kraft’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives. Valued at around $7 billion, his business endeavors include ownership stakes in the New England Revolution and International Forest Products.

Jeff Bezos as a Potential NFL Owner
Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s linchpin, receives Kraft’s endorsement as a competent future NFL team owner, showcasing Kraft’s vision for the NFL’s prosperous future.

The Story Behind the Purchase
Kraft’s journey from a passionate Patriots fan to their esteemed owner is nothing short of cinematic. A tale of dedication, ambition, and an undying love for football that culminated in a franchise-transforming purchase in 1994.


  • Did Robert Kraft play football?
    Yes, during his high school and college years.
  • From whom did Kraft purchase the Patriots?
    James Busch Orthwein.
  • What was the purpose of Kraft’s Foxboro Raceway acquisition?
    It strategically prevented the team’s potential relocation.
  • How many Super Bowl wins do the Patriots have under Kraft’s ownership?
    Six victories.

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