What Unfolded Between Shirley, Steve Harvey, and His Wife?


In the bustling month of October 2022, Shirley Strawberry, a recognizable voice from The Steve Harvey Morning Show, found herself amidst a whirlwind of controversy. A jail call recording, which became quite the sensation, unveiled what Shirley said about Steve and his wife. Amid laughs and seemingly candid moments, Shirley mentioned that Steve seemingly fears Marjorie, his wife, and alluded to Marjorie treating others akin to “the help”. Moreover, Shirley candidly spoke about her little adventure through Steve’s house during Marjorie’s absence.

  1. Summary of “What Did Shirley Say About Steve and His Wife?”
  2. The Love Story of Steve and Marjorie
  3. Shirley Strawberry’s Apology
  4. Shirley’s Exploration of Steve’s House
  5. Shirley’s Statements About Marjorie
  6. Shirley’s Personal Life Drama
  7. The Controversial Leaked Jail Call
  8. Steve Harvey’s Response
  9. Shirley’s Public Apology
  10. The Aftermath

Summary of “What Did Shirley Say About Steve and His Wife?”

Date Event
October 2022 Controversial statements by Shirley Strawberry about Steve Harvey and Marjorie surface via a jail call.
October 2022 Shirley Strawberry apologizes publicly to Steve and Marjorie Harvey.
October 2022 Steve Harvey addresses the issue in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.
November 2022 Shirley Strawberry gets suspended from The Steve Harvey Morning Show.
Ongoing The controversy’s aftermath is in progression with no definitive resolution yet.

The Love Story of Steve and Marjorie

Steve Harvey and Marjorie’s romance is something out of a tale. The two souls first crossed paths in 1990 at The Comedy Zone, located in Memphis, Tennessee. While Steve was the man of the hour, performing, Marjorie was soaking in the ambiance with her friends. A connection sparked, and their relationship journey began, culminating in their marriage in 2007.

Shirley Strawberry’s Apology

Following the eruption caused by the leaked call, Shirley Strawberry expressed her remorse publicly, addressing Steve and Marjorie directly. The regret was evident as she emphasized being “deeply sorry” for her remarks. Additionally, she mentioned her unstable emotional state during that period and that her words weren’t thought through.

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Shirley’s Exploration of Steve’s House

The leaked call highlighted Shirley’s animated recount of her self-given tour of Steve Harvey’s residence during Marjorie’s absence. She expressed amazement at its grandeur and even light-heartedly said that the mansion’s vastness could make one lose their way for days.

Shirley’s Statements About Marjorie

Apart from the revelation of Steve’s apparent fear of Marjorie, the call also showcased Shirley’s other observations. She portrayed Marjorie as someone who views people as subordinates or “the help”. Moreover, Shirley painted a picture of Marjorie as a dominant figure, always in pursuit of control, especially over Steve.

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Shirley’s Personal Life Drama

Shirley hasn’t been a stranger to drama in her personal life either. Reports swirling around suggested that she was tricked by her spouse. Even though she refuted these claims, such allegations did add to the pressure she might have felt around the time of the controversial recording.

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The Controversial Leaked Jail Call

This leaked call didn’t just remain a private matter. Its ripple effect was seen widely across social media and various news platforms, igniting a myriad of speculations and discussions about Steve and Marjorie’s marital bond.

Steve Harvey’s Response

Steve Harvey, though maintaining a relatively silent demeanor, did share his sentiments regarding the issue during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The profound disappointment and hurt he felt due to Shirley’s words were evident.

Shirley’s Public Apology

Shirley Strawberry, in a heartfelt gesture, posted a video across her social media handles. Through her tear-brimmed eyes, she conveyed her profound regret to Steve and Marjorie, acknowledging the unnecessary spotlight she thrust upon them because of her personal issues.

The Aftermath

Post the storm, the skies haven’t entirely cleared. Shirley Strawberry’s position on The Steve Harvey Morning Show has been momentarily halted, casting doubt on her potential return. The couple, Steve and Marjorie, haven’t issued any public statements regarding the future of their union.


The intricate web of emotions and controversies surrounding Shirley Strawberry, Steve Harvey, and Marjorie Harvey is indeed multifaceted. The incident showcases the vulnerabilities of public figures and the magnifying effect media can have on their lives.


When did Steve and Marjorie first meet?
The couple first met in 1990 at The Comedy Zone in Memphis, Tennessee.

Has Shirley Strawberry apologized for her remarks?
Yes, Shirley has publicly expressed her remorse both verbally and through a video posted on her social media accounts.

What has been the impact of the controversy on Shirley’s professional life?
Post the incident, Shirley Strawberry has been suspended from The Steve Harvey Morning Show, with her future on the show still uncertain.

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