What Really Happened to Tamra Judge? An Insight into the ‘RHOC’ Star Recent Hospitalization


Tamra Judge, renowned for her presence in “The Real Housewives of Orange County” (RHOC), was rushed to the hospital on August 7, 2023, due to an intestinal obstruction. The 54-year-old expressed her concerns on Instagram, hoping she could avoid surgery.

  1. Summary of what happened to tamra judge
  2. Tamra Judge’s Hospitalization for Intestinal Obstruction
  3. Tamra’s Reaction and Hope
  4. Shannon Beador’s Comment on Tamra’s Exit from RHOC
  5. Tamra Judge’s Return to RHOC
  6. Tamra and Eddie’s 10-Year Wedding Anniversary
  7. Tamra Judge’s Ex-Husband
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Tamra Judge’s illustrious journey with “The Real Housewives of Orange County” (RHOC) has always been the talk of the town. However, recent events have shifted the limelight from her television appearance to her health. On August 7, 2023, Tamra’s fans were startled by news of her hospitalization owing to an intestinal issue.

Summary of what happened to tamra judge

Date Event Summary
August 7, 2023 Tamra Judge hospitalized for intestinal obstruction Tamra faced severe stomach discomfort, leading to a diagnosis of intestinal obstruction.
June 2023 Tamra and Eddie’s 10-year wedding anniversary celebration The couple commemorated a decade of their journey together, marked by enduring love amidst challenges.
October 2023 Tamra’s comeback in RHOC season 17 After a two-season break, Tamra is set to return, promising drama and excitement.

Tamra Judge’s Hospitalization for Intestinal Obstruction

Tamra’s hospitalization came after bouts of severe stomach pain. Further medical examinations revealed that she was grappling with an intestinal obstruction, a grave condition that can stem from factors like tumors, hernias, or past surgical adhesions. Sharing her experience, Tamra conveyed, “I was in excruciating pain, but I’m thankful to the doctors who deciphered the problem in time.”

Tamra’s Reaction and Hope

Amidst the turbulence, Tamra has been vocal about her health journey on digital platforms. She’s shown immense fortitude, expressing her fervent hopes of evading surgery. A heartwarming post on her Instagram read, “Overwhelmed by the support from family, friends, and fans. Focusing on recovery, one day at a time.”

Shannon Beador’s Comment on Tamra’s Exit from RHOC

Shannon Beador, Tamra’s ex-RHOC colleague, recently shed light on Tamra’s 2020 show exit. In her chat with Entertainment Tonight, Shannon remarked, “The show’s absence weighs heavily on Tamra. I sense she yearns for it.” Further, Shannon felt that the myriad changes post-exit might have impacted Tamra’s health.

Tamra Judge’s Return to RHOC

The silver lining amidst the concerns about her health is Tamra’s announcement of her return to RHOC for its 17th season, post her two-season hiatus. Her zest is palpable as she stated in a Bravo Insider conversation, “Absolutely thrilled to be back! Ready to stir things up.”

Tamra and Eddie’s 10-Year Wedding Anniversary

June 2023 marked a significant milestone for Tamra and her spouse, Eddie Judge, as they celebrated a decade of marital bliss. Despite the hurdles, including health scares and financial hiccups, their bond remains unshaken. Tamra’s Instagram tribute read, “A decade with my soulmate! Our journey’s had ups and downs, but our love’s only soared.”

Tamra Judge’s Ex-Husband

While the buzz around Tamra’s life continues, there’s also curiosity about her ex-husband, Simon Barney. A thriving businessman, Simon heads Barney Construction, a reputed multi-million dollar venture. The duo, who parted ways in 2011, shares two children: Ryan and Sidney.


Life has thrown a fair share of challenges at Tamra Judge, with her recent health scare being a testament. However, her unwavering spirit shines through. As she recuperates and gears up for RHOC season 17, fans eagerly await her return. Stay tuned to her social channels and RHOC’s October 2023 premiere for more on Tamra’s journey.


1. When was Tamra Judge hospitalized?
She was hospitalized on August 7, 2023.

2. Why was Tamra hospitalized?
She was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction after experiencing severe stomach pain.

3. Is Tamra returning to RHOC?
Yes, she’s making a comeback in the 17th season after a two-season hiatus.

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