What Are Alexandra Breckenridge Tattoos All About?


Actress Alexandra Breckenridge, acclaimed for roles in popular TV series like “American Horror Story” and “Virgin River”, has stirred interest not just for her on-screen performances but also for her personal ink. Alexandra’s tattoos offer a glimpse into her personality, memories, and significant moments in her life. But what do we truly know about them?

  1. Tattoos More Than Just Ink
  2. Summary of Alexandra Breckenridge’s Tattoos
  3. A Quick Dive into the Tattoos
  4. The Stories Behind The Tattoos
  5. Tattoos and On-Screen Roles
  6. Future Tattoo Plans
  7. A Personal Canvas

Tattoos More Than Just Ink

Alexandra sports several tattoos, each with its own tale. However, she often covers them up, especially during work, leading to them being a less common sight. Yet, they have been occasionally spotted during award ceremonies and red carpet events, piquing fans’ curiosity.

Summary of Alexandra Breckenridge’s Tattoos

Tattoo Design Location Significance
Fairy Calf Alexandra’s love for fairies
Fairy Upper Back Personal Significance
Swirl Shoulder Represents her love for the ocean
Spider Toe Unknown
Small Crown Forearm Unknown
“N” with flourish Back of shoulder Tribute to her husband, Casey Hooper

A Quick Dive into the Tattoos

She mainly boasts three prominent tattoos:

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  • A fairy on her calf
  • A fairy on her upper back
  • A swirl on her shoulder

In addition, she has other tattoos like a spider on her toe and a small crown on her forearm.

The Stories Behind The Tattoos

Each tattoo holds personal significance for Alexandra. The fairy on her calf, which she got at 18, represents her fascination with fairies. The swirl on her shoulder is a depiction of her love for the ocean, obtained when she was 21. Notably, there’s an “N” tattoo on the back of her shoulder, signifying her husband’s name, Casey Hooper.

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Tattoos and On-Screen Roles

A key reason we don’t often see her tattoos is due to her professional commitments. Characters she portrays on-screen usually don’t have tattoos, and as a result, they are concealed.

Future Tattoo Plans

Alexandra isn’t stopping at these. She’s expressed interest in adding more ink, hinting at designs like a tree and quotes from her cherished books.

A Personal Canvas

Alexandra’s tattoos encapsulate her personal journey, interests, and memories. Each design is a piece of her life’s puzzle, and she proudly wears them, not hesitant to showcase them when the opportunity arises.


Q: How many tattoos does Alexandra Breckenridge have?
A: She has multiple tattoos, with at least four prominent ones including a fairy on her calf, one on her upper back, a swirl on her shoulder, and an “N” on the back of her shoulder.

Q: Why does Alexandra cover her tattoos during shoots?
A: She often conceals them as the characters she portrays on-screen typically don’t have tattoos.

Q: What’s the meaning behind the “N” tattoo?
A: The “N” signifies the initial of her husband, Casey Hooper.

Q: Does she plan to get more tattoos in the future?
A: Yes, Alexandra has expressed interest in getting more tattoos, with designs like a tree and book quotes in consideration.

— by Pawan Pandya