Were Hunter Biden Gun Charges Really Dropped? Legal Developments and Diversion Agreement Explored


Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was indicted on three federal gun charges in September 2023 due to allegations of dishonesty about his drug usage on a firearm purchase application in 2018. In a significant twist, on October 12, 2023, a federal judge dropped one of these charges upon the prosecution’s request. This change happened in the aftermath of a collapsed plea deal designed to spare Biden from the gun charges’ prosecution. This article delves into the series of legal developments surrounding Hunter Biden’s case and unravels the implications of the diversion agreement between him and the prosecutors.

  1. Summary of hunter biden gun charges dropped
  2. Hunter Biden’s Gun Charges
  3. The Diversion Agreement
  4. Hunter Biden’s Legal Response
  5. The Dismissal of Gun Charges
  6. Hunter Biden’s Legal Status
  7. Additional Developments
  8. Conclusion

The charges against Hunter Biden and their subsequent dismissal have captured significant media attention. The focus intensified due to the diversion agreement’s involvement, which would’ve allowed him to bypass prosecution on gun-related charges.

Summary of hunter biden gun charges dropped

Date Event Summary
September 12, 2023 Hunter Biden indicted on three federal gun charges Accused of lying about drug use on a 2018 gun purchase form.
July 28, 2023 Diversion agreement reached between Hunter Biden and prosecutors Agreement collapses due to legal concerns, which would’ve let Biden plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges.
October 12, 2023 One of Hunter Biden’s gun charges dismissed The dropped charge pertains to the possession of a firearm by a prohibited individual.
October 13, 2023 Hunter Biden’s current legal status Facing two federal gun charges, he has pleaded not guilty. Also, an immunity claim is made, but refuted by prosecution.

Hunter Biden’s Gun Charges

In September 2023, Hunter Biden faced a grand jury indictment on three federal gun charges:

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  • False statement on a firearm purchase application.
  • Possession of a firearm by a prohibited individual.
  • Transporting a firearm across state lines with a felony conviction.
    These charges originated from allegations accusing Biden of misrepresenting his drug use on a 2018 firearm purchase form. Although Hunter Biden has openly admitted to past struggles with substance abuse, he denies any falsehood on the gun purchase form.

The Diversion Agreement

The diversion agreement is a significant aspect of this case. In July 2023, a mutual understanding was reached between Hunter Biden and the prosecutors. The terms of this agreement stipulated that Biden would admit to misdemeanor tax-related offenses while evading the gun-related charges’ prosecution. Nevertheless, this agreement’s legality was questioned, leading to its eventual downfall.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Response

Throughout the legal proceedings, Hunter Biden and his counsel consistently asserted his innocence on the gun charges. They steadfastly believed that the diversion agreement held legal ground and should stand the test of judicial scrutiny.

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The Dismissal of Gun Charges

The case witnessed a pivotal moment on October 12, 2023. One of the gun charges against Hunter Biden, specifically the “possession of a firearm by a prohibited person” charge, was dismissed by a federal judge at the prosecution’s behest. This development could hint at potential challenges faced by the prosecution in substantiating their case against Biden. Moreover, it leaves the door ajar for the possibility of further dismissals of the remaining charges.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Status

Currently, Hunter Biden stands indicted on two federal gun charges. These include giving a false statement on a firearm purchase application and the transportation of a firearm over state lines following a felony conviction. To these charges, he has pleaded not guilty. Furthermore, he has invoked immunity, asserting that he acted as a special representative for President Joe Biden when the 2018 gun purchase occurred. This claim, however, is disputed by the prosecution.

Additional Developments

Beyond the gun charges, Hunter Biden is also under federal agents’ radar for potential tax violations and a false statement linked to the gun purchase. The unfolding of these allegations into formal charges remains to be seen.


The dismissal of one of the gun charges against Hunter Biden marks a noteworthy progression in the ongoing legal saga. With challenges possibly arising in substantiating their claims, the prosecution’s course of action is under scrutiny. As the legal proceedings continue, the eventual outcomes concerning Biden’s indictments remain uncertain.

Q: When was Hunter Biden initially indicted on the gun charges?
A: He was indicted on September 12, 2023.

Q: What was the main premise of the diversion agreement?
A: The agreement would’ve allowed Biden to plead guilty to minor tax charges, thus avoiding gun charge prosecution.

Q: How many gun charges is Hunter Biden currently facing?
A: As of now, Hunter Biden is contending with two federal gun charges.

Q: Did Hunter Biden acknowledge his past struggles with substance abuse?
A: Yes, Hunter Biden has publicly admitted to battling drug addiction in the past.

— by Subhash Mehndiratta