Was Richard Desmond £10,000 Fine Justified for the Dog Attack on Billionaire Row?


On a typical day in North London, one wouldn’t expect to hear about a dog attack making headlines, especially not on the posh road known as “Billionaire’s Row”. However, recent events tell a different story. Business magnate and media personality, Richard Desmond, who once sat at the helm of Express Newspapers and OK magazine, found himself in the midst of a controversy that’s gotten many tongues wagging.

  1. Summary of richard desmond fined for dog attack
  2. The Dog Attack Incident
  3. Legal Consequences
  4. Richard Desmond’s Background
  5. Defending Desmond
  6. Conclusion

Richard Desmond, a name synonymous with media powerhouses like Express Newspapers and OK magazine, recently made headlines. But this time, not for his business acumen but for an incident involving his dog, which led to “richard desmond fined for dog attack”. This incident took place on the prestigious “Billionaire’s Row” in North London, and the details are quite surprising.

Summary of richard desmond fined for dog attack

Key Details Description
Incident Date March 30
Location Billionaire’s Row, North London
Fine Imposed £10,000
Victims Carl Allen and Mark Webber
Dog’s Name Summer
Legal Proceedings Willesden Magistrates Court
Charges 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act
Richard Desmond’s Net Worth £0.98bn (Forbes estimation)

The Dog Attack Incident

On March 30, what seemed like a regular day turned awry when Richard Desmond’s German shepherd, Summer, launched an unanticipated attack. The unfortunate targets of this sudden aggression were Carl Allen and Mark Webber. These two were just going about their duties on The Bishops Avenue when Summer lunged at them, causing considerable distress and injury.

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Legal Consequences

The gravity of the situation led to Richard Desmond being fined a hefty sum of £10,000. The Willesden Magistrates Court saw him plead guilty, facing charges under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. The repercussions for Summer? A mandated muzzle in all public places. And as for its owner, a stern warning was issued – if there were any future lapses, Summer’s fate could be jeopardized.

Richard Desmond’s Background

With a portfolio boasting names like The Express, The Star, and OK magazine, Richard Desmond’s prominence in the media world is undoubted. Moreover, his estimated net worth, close to a billion at £0.98bn as per Forbes, places him amongst the financial elites.

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Defending Desmond

Every story has two sides. Representing Richard Desmond, Philip Evans KC painted a picture of a startled dog, potentially set off by the sudden sound of a van’s sliding door. Moreover, Desmond was portrayed as a man of commendable character, having shown genuine remorse and responsibility post the incident.


The unfortunate dog attack on “Billionaire’s Row” serves as a reminder that regardless of stature, responsibility, especially for one’s pets, is paramount. Richard Desmond’s situation underscores the importance of being cautious, empathetic, and above all, responsible.


Q: How much was Richard Desmond fined for the dog attack?
A: Richard Desmond was fined £10,000 for the incident.

Q: Where did the dog attack take place?
A: The attack occurred on Billionaire’s Row in North London.

Q: What breed is Richard Desmond’s dog?
A: Richard Desmond’s dog, Summer, is a German shepherd.

Q: Were there any victims in the dog attack?
A: Yes, the dog attacked two workers named Carl Allen and Mark Webber.

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