Was Benjamin Netanyahu Brother a National Hero?


In Israeli history, the name Netanyahu resonates beyond political landscapes. While Benjamin Netanyahu is widely recognized for his political prominence, having served as Prime Minister multiple times, his brothers Yoni and Iddo have their distinct stories filled with both tragedy and triumph. In fact, Yoni Netanyahu’s heroism during the Entebbe hostage rescue in 1976 and Iddo’s multifaceted career as a physician, author, and playwright have also left significant imprints in Israeli society.

  1. Summary of benjamin netanyahu brother
  2. Yoni Netanyahu A Hero’s Journey
  3. Iddo Netanyahu A Multifaceted Career
  4. The Netanyahu Family Background
  5. The Tragic Loss of Yoni
  6. Conclusion

Benjamin Netanyahu’s name rings bells in global political arenas due to his leadership roles in Israel. However, his family’s tale extends deeper, with his brothers Yoni and Iddo contributing significantly to Israel’s societal fabric.

Summary of benjamin netanyahu brother

Aspect Details
Benjamin Netanyahu Served as Prime Minister multiple times
Yoni Netanyahu Hero of the Entebbe rescue in 1976; served in Sayeret Matkal
Iddo Netanyahu Physician, author, playwright; also served in Sayeret Matkal
Netanyahu Family Roots Immigrated to Israel in 1949; resided in Jerusalem; staunch Zionists
Legacy Yoni remembered as a national hero; Iddo recognized for diverse contributions to society

Yoni Netanyahu A Hero’s Journey

Yoni, born in Tel Aviv in 1946, found his calling in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) by 1967. Excelling in the elite unit of Sayeret Matkal, Yoni’s bravery was put to the ultimate test in 1976 at Entebbe Airport. Despite the operation’s success, liberating over 100 hostages, it cost Yoni his life. His bravery remains an emblem of national pride in Israel.

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Iddo Netanyahu A Multifaceted Career

Iddo’s journey, taking its inception in Jerusalem in 1952, has been diverse. Apart from serving in Sayeret Matkal during the Yom Kippur War, he has donned many hats. From graduating from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Medicine to penning plays, Iddo’s multifarious contributions continue to enrich Israeli life.

The Netanyahu Family Background

The Netanyahus’ roots trace back to their immigration to Israel from the U.S. in 1949. Residing in Jerusalem neighborhoods like Talpiot and Katamon, the family was anchored in Zionist ideals. Their parents, historian Benzion and teacher Cela, offered a nurturing environment, shaping the brothers’ futures.

The Tragic Loss of Yoni

The untimely demise of Yoni was a heart-wrenching episode for the Netanyahus. Both Benjamin and Iddo, deeply impacted, often recount the void left by Yoni. His valor, constantly celebrated, becomes a testament to the family’s resilient spirit.


The Netanyahu narrative encapsulates both the heartaches of loss and the pinnacles of success. While Yoni’s gallantry remains etched in Israeli memory, Iddo’s diverse contributions signify the family’s resilience. Together, their stories underline the remarkable fabric of the Netanyahu legacy.


1. Who is Benjamin Netanyahu’s heroic brother?
Yoni Netanyahu, who led the successful but personally fatal Entebbe hostage rescue in 1976.

2. What does Iddo Netanyahu do?
He is a physician, author, and playwright, making significant contributions to Israeli society.

3. When did the Netanyahu family move to Israel?
They immigrated to Israel from the United States in 1949.

4. How has Yoni’s death affected Benjamin?
Benjamin often cites Yoni as his hero and role model, indicating the profound impact of his loss.

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