Unveiling Mike Brady Age and Celebrating His AFL Legacy


Mike Brady, renowned for his musical prowess and significant AFL connections, recently made headlines with his heartfelt tribute to the legendary Ron Barassi. With the AFL realm constantly buzzing with news and updates, Brady’s recent actions reiterate his significant influence in the sporting world.

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Mike Brady’s association with the AFL has been long-standing, reflecting in his timeless performances and dedication to the sport. One such moment was the recent 2023 AFL grand final where the rock band Kiss left the MCG audience spellbound. But even amidst such grandeur, Mike Brady’s rendition of the iconic footy anthem, “Up There Cazaly,” stood out, captivating the heart and soul of every AFL enthusiast.

Summary of mike brady age

Key Point Detail
Full Name Michael Brady
Date of Birth February 28, 1948
Age 75 years
Known For Musician, radio presenter, and AFL contributions
Iconic Performance “Up There Cazaly” at the 2023 AFL Grand Final
Personal Life Married to Carol Martin in 1969
Notable Role Mike Brady in “The Brady Bunch”
Legacy Music, AFL, and Television

Mike Brady, not just a name but an icon in the world of AFL and music, stands tall in his dedication to the sport. His recent gesture of paying tribute to Ron Barassi, an AFL legend, reiterates the depth of his association with the sport.

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The recent AFL grand final was a testament to Brady’s enduring charisma and talent. Despite dynamic performances from renowned bands like Kiss, it was Mike Brady’s classic that garnered immense appreciation.

Mike Brady’s Age and Tribute to Ron Barassi

Born as Michael Brady on February 28, 1948, the musician recently celebrated his 75th birthday. With a legacy spanning several decades, Mike Brady’s prominence as a musician and radio presenter is undeniable.

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His tribute to Ron Barassi, aged 87, wasn’t just a formality but a heartfelt gesture from one legend to another. Brady’s words about Barassi being a “great friend of this country” only add depth to their profound camaraderie.

Mike Brady’s AFL Grand Final Performance

Mike Brady’s association with the AFL is iconic. The 2023 AFL grand final witnessed rock band Kiss taking the center stage, but it was Mike Brady’s footy anthem that truly resonated with the spirit of the game.

His performance of “Up There Cazaly” was more than just a song—it was a sentiment, a tribute, and a celebration of the sport’s spirit.

Mike Brady’s Personal Life

Beyond the spotlight, Mike Brady is a calm and well-adjusted individual. His persona shines both at work and at home. Notably, after marrying Carol Martin in 1969 at the age of 36, he embraced the role of a stepfather to her three daughters.

Additionally, Mike’s background as an architect showcases his versatility, further emphasizing his multifaceted personality.

Mike Brady’s Musical Career

Music has been an integral part of Mike Brady’s life. With a rich discography under his belt, his contributions to the music world are noteworthy. His songs, much like his footy anthem, resonate with emotions and narrate tales of time.

Mike Brady’s Legacy Beyond AFL

While AFL remains a significant part of Mike Brady’s life, his legacy extends beyond the sport. His role in “The Brady Bunch” as Mike Brady and his portrayal by the actor Robert Reed remains iconic. The enduring popularity of the character and the actor showcases the deep impact they’ve had on audiences.


Mike Brady’s age might be a numerical 75, but his spirit, legacy, and contributions to the AFL and music worlds remain timeless. His recent tribute to Ron Barassi and his iconic AFL performance are testaments to his enduring charm and talent.

Q: How old is Mike Brady currently?
A: Mike Brady is 75 years old as of 2023.

Q: What was Mike Brady’s tribute to Ron Barassi about?
A: Mike Brady honored Ron Barassi, who is 87 years old, highlighting him as a great friend of the country.

Q: Which iconic anthem did Mike Brady perform at the 2023 AFL grand final?
A: Mike Brady performed “Up There Cazaly” at the 2023 AFL grand final.

Q: Apart from music, what other profession is Mike Brady associated with?
A: Mike Brady was also an architect.

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