Unveiling Jack Della Maddalena Nationality and MMA Journey What Is Jack Della Maddalena Nationality and How Did He Rise in MMA?


Jack Della Maddalena has been making waves in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), securing his place as a rising star in the sport. As of August 1, 2023, he holds the #14 spot in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight division. Known for his aggressive fighting style and an impressive knockout record, Della Maddalena has garnered attention from MMA enthusiasts worldwide.

  1. Jack Della Maddalena’s Personal Information
  2. MMA Career Overview
  3. Jack Della Maddalena’s Opponents
  4. Nationality Confirmation
  5. Additional Information
  6. Conclusion

Jack Della Maddalena’s Personal Information

Early Life and Birthplace

Jack Della Maddalena was born on September 10, 1996, in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. This birthplace unequivocally establishes his Australian nationality. Growing up in a family with Italian roots, thanks to his Sardinian-born grandfather, he initially pursued rugby, starting at the age of eight and continuing until his final year of schooling. However, his path took an interesting turn when his older brother, Josh, introduced him to a boxing gym at the age of fourteen. What initially began as a means to improve his fitness for rugby soon transformed into a deep passion for the sport of MMA.

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MMA Career Overview

Rise in MMA

Jack Della Maddalena’s journey in MMA commenced in 2016, and like many fighters, he encountered early setbacks with a few initial losses. However, he quickly found his rhythm, stringing together wins and making a notable appearance on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2021. It was here that he secured a UFC contract with an electrifying knockout victory.

Della Maddalena’s official UFC debut took place in January 2023, where he continued his winning streak with a first-round knockout against Pete Rodriguez. He followed this up with yet another knockout win, this time against Ramazan Emeev in June 2023.

Early Struggles in MMA

While Della Maddalena’s MMA journey may seem seamless now, it was far from it in the beginning. He faced adversity, including two initial losses, one of which resulted in a knockout. Nonetheless, these early challenges only fueled his determination, leading to an impressive winning streak of nine consecutive fights, all ending with decisive finishes.

Jack Della Maddalena’s Opponents

Upcoming Fight

As of the latest information, Jack Della Maddalena is slated to face UFC newcomer Bassil Hafez at UFC Vegas 77, scheduled for September 23, 2023. Hafez, a skilled striker with a record of 14-3, promises to be a formidable opponent. This bout serves as a significant test for Della Maddalena as he continues his ascent in the highly competitive UFC welterweight division.

Notable Foes

Throughout his MMA career, Jack Della Maddalena has squared off against several notable opponents. These include fighters like Ramazan Emeev (UFC record: 5-2), Pete Rodriguez (UFC record: 1-1), Ange Loosa (UFC record: 0-1), and Michael Pereira (UFC record: 4-1).

Nationality Confirmation

Jack Della Maddalena’s Nationality

Additional Information

Jack Della Maddalena’s MMA Stats

Della Maddalena boasts a professional MMA record of 16 wins, 2 losses, and 0 draws. Impressively, he has clinched victory in 11 of his fights via knockout, 2 through submission, and 3 by decision.

Exploring His Fighting Style

Della Maddalena is renowned for his aggressive striking, particularly his powerful right hand. He prefers to apply relentless pressure on his opponents, often resulting in early fight finishes. Furthermore, he possesses strong wrestling skills, enabling him to take down opponents when necessary.

Jack Della Maddalena’s Impact in MMA

Jack Della Maddalena has made a significant impact in the UFC welterweight division. His ability to consistently finish fights and deliver thrilling performances has made him a fan favorite, solidifying his reputation as one of the most captivating fighters in the UFC today.


In conclusion, Jack Della Maddalena’s nationality is Australian, and his MMA journey is one marked by perseverance and triumph. Currently ranked at #14 in the UFC welterweight division, he continues to impress fans with his aggressive fighting style and knockout prowess. To stay updated on Della Maddalena’s upcoming fights and achievements, consider following him on social media and regularly checking the official UFC website.

Summary of Jack Della Maddalena’s Nationality and MMA Journey

Category Details
Nationality Australian
MMA Record 16 wins, 2 losses, 0 draws
UFC Ranking (August 2023) #14 in welterweight division
Fighting Style Aggressive striker with wrestling skills
Notable Opponents Ramazan Emeev, Pete Rodriguez, and more
Upcoming Fight Against Bassil Hafez at UFC Vegas 77

FAQs about Jack Della Maddalena

1. What is Jack Della Maddalena’s nationality?

  • Jack Della Maddalena is Australian, born and raised in Perth, Western Australia.

2. How is Jack Della Maddalena’s MMA career progressing?

  • Jack Della Maddalena’s MMA career has seen remarkable growth, with a current UFC welterweight ranking of #14 as of August 1, 2023.

3. Who are some of the notable opponents Jack Della Maddalena has faced?

  • Notable opponents in Della Maddalena’s career include Ramazan Emeev, Pete Rodriguez, Ange Loosa, and Michael Pereira.

4. When is Jack Della Maddalena’s next fight, and who is he facing?

  • Jack Della Maddalena is scheduled to fight UFC newcomer Bassil Hafez at UFC Vegas 77 on September 23, 2023. Hafez is known for his striking skills and holds a record of 14-3.

This article provides a comprehensive look at Jack Della Maddalena’s nationality and MMA journey, keeping you informed about this rising MMA star.

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