Unlocking Jurrien Timber Potential Is Height Really a Concern?


Jurrien Timber, a name that has recently resonated with every Arsenal enthusiast. Mikel Arteta, the manager of the Gunners, has spotted a gem in this young, versatile, and brilliant player. However, questions have risen regarding Jurrien Timber’s height, which stands at 1.82m, equivalent to roughly six feet.

  1. Summary of Jurrien Timber Height
  2. Jurrien Timber’s Profile
  3. Playing Style and Skills
  4. Transfer Rumors and Arsenal’s Interest
  5. Career and Achievements
  6. Market Value
  7. Conclusion

Old Trafford fans, among others, have shown some reservations about this. Yet, delving deeper into Timber’s profile and skills, one wonders if this concern is genuinely significant or merely a distraction from his exceptional talent.

Summary of Jurrien Timber Height

Attribute Details
Full Name Jurriën David Norman Timber
Date of Birth 17 June 2001
Place of Birth Utrecht, Netherlands
Height 1.82m
Weight 79 kg
Position Centre-Back
Current Club Arsenal (As of 2023)
Market Value (2022) €45.00m
Known For Versatility and elite passing

Jurrien Timber’s Profile

Jurrien Timber is not just a name; he represents the future of football. Born on 17 June 2001 in Utrecht, Netherlands, Jurrien has already showcased his prowess in the world of football.

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  • Full Name: Jurriën David Norman Timber
  • Date of Birth: 17 June 2001
  • Place of Birth: Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Height: 1.82m
  • Weight: 79 kg

Timber has showcased his skills as a Centre-Back, providing stability to the defense. Notably, Forza Sports Group represents him, which further strengthens his foothold in the industry.

Playing Style and Skills

The true essence of a player is not just in his physical attributes but in his style of play. Jurrien Timber shines here with his versatility and an uncanny comfort on the ball.

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  • His elite passing skills make him an asset on the field.
  • Mikel Arteta’s vision for Arsenal sees a significant alignment with Timber’s attributes.

Transfer Rumors and Arsenal’s Interest

Mikel Arteta’s interest in Timber is evident. The whispers in the corridors suggest a potential move of Timber to Arsenal.

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  • Timber’s alignment with Arteta’s vision gives him an edge.
  • Expert insights hint at Timber being a game-changer for Arsenal.

Career and Achievements

Over the years, Timber has carved a niche for himself. His time at AFC Ajax was notably impactful. Achievements, records, and cup wins dot his career.

  • His performances in the Champions League and Eredivisie have been noteworthy.

Market Value

In the competitive world of football, Timber’s market value speaks volumes about his talent.

  • His market value peaked at €45.00m as of September 14, 2022.
  • The latest updates suggest continued growth and interest in this rising star.


To conclude, Jurrien Timber’s potential impact on Arsenal is undeniable. While his height has been a talking point, his skills and achievements overshadow it. Every fan and follower is encouraged to stay updated on his journey, especially with Arsenal, as the future holds immense promise.


1. How tall is Jurrien Timber?
Jurrien Timber’s height is approximately 1.82m or around six feet.

2. Which position does Jurrien Timber play?
He primarily plays as a Centre-Back.

3. Which club does Jurrien Timber play for in 2023?
As of 2023, Jurrien Timber plays for Arsenal.

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