Unearthing the Rolling Stones Controversy What Sparked Their Latest Discussions?


The iconic rock band, The Rolling Stones, boasting estimated record sales of 200 million, has cemented its place as one of the best-selling music artists ever. With three Grammy Awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, they were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2004. Yet, their massive achievements don’t shield them from being part of significant controversies.

  1. Summary of Rolling Stones Controversy
  2. “Brown Sugar” Controversy
  3. “Street Fighting Man” Provocation
  4. Other Controversial Hits
  5. Jann Wenner’s Controversies
  6. Recent Developments
  7. Conclusion

The Rolling Stones, renowned worldwide, have not only provided unforgettable music but also sparked debates over the years.
Their outstanding record sales, Grammy Awards, and Hall of Fame inductions underscore their legendary status in the music world.

Summary of Rolling Stones Controversy

Key Points Details
Band Achievements 200 million record sales, 3 Grammy Awards, Induction into multiple Halls of Fame
“Brown Sugar” Retired from the tour due to controversial lyrics from 1971
“Street Fighting Man” Released during peak U.S. protests, causing debates
Jann Wenner Removed from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame board due to controversial remarks
New Developments Upcoming album “Hackney Diamonds” and continued touring

“Brown Sugar” Controversy

“Brown Sugar,” released in 1971, stands as the Stones’ most controversial track. The lyrics, which attempt to tackle complex subjects, have often been under scrutiny.
Recently, due to the “conflicts” arising from the song’s lyrics, the band decided to momentarily retire “Brown Sugar” from their tour lineup.

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“Street Fighting Man” Provocation

“Street Fighting Man” stirred the pot when it debuted during the height of U.S. protests.
Its provocative tone resonated with the zeitgeist, making it one of their most debated tracks.

Other Controversial Hits

Beyond “Brown Sugar,” the Stones have a history of stirring controversies with their songs. “Under My Thumb” is another such track.
Additionally, songs like their 2020 hit “Living in a Ghost Town” caused a buzz when the band was accused of using elements from an unidentified artist.

Jann Wenner’s Controversies

Jann Wenner, co-founder of the Rolling Stone magazine, has recently faced backlash due to controversial statements.
His comments, especially about Black and female artists, led to his removal from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame board just a couple of days ago.

Recent Developments

Even amidst the controversies, The Rolling Stones continue to make waves in the music industry. They’re set to release a new album titled “Hackney Diamonds.”
Despite facing challenges and criticisms, the band’s dedication to their craft is evident as they embark on tours and introduce new music, even 60 years post their inception.


The Rolling Stones’ journey has been both illustrious and riddled with controversies.
Their ability to navigate through the treacherous waters of cancel culture and remain influential testifies to their enduring legacy and unparalleled contribution to music.


Q: What is the “Brown Sugar” controversy about?
A: “Brown Sugar,” a 1971 track, is considered one of The Rolling Stones’ most controversial due to its lyrics. The band recently retired it from their tour due to these issues.

Q: Why was Jann Wenner removed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame board?
A: Jann Wenner faced backlash for his comments on Black and female artists, leading to his removal from the board.

Q: Are The Rolling Stones releasing new music?
A: Yes, The Rolling Stones are releasing a new album titled “Hackney Diamonds.”

Q: How long have The Rolling Stones been active in the music industry?
A: The Rolling Stones have been active for over 60 years since their formation.

— by Akash Varma