The Love Story Princess Diana and Pakistani Doctor Hasnat Khan


Princess Diana’s relationship with Hasnat Khan was a chapter in her life that resonates with many to this day. From 1995 to 1997, this love story captured the world’s attention, and it’s a tale worth revisiting.

  1. Who Is Hasnat Khan?
  2. Summary of Princess Diana and Pakistani Doctor Hasnat Khan
  3. Hasnat Khan’s Low Profile
  4. The Crown’s Portrayal
  5. Secrets About Princess Diana’s Affair
  6. Conclusion
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Who Is Hasnat Khan?

Hasnat Khan, a British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon, was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1960. He pursued his medical studies in the United Kingdom and eventually became a consultant at the prestigious Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

Summary of Princess Diana and Pakistani Doctor Hasnat Khan

Date Event
September 1995 Princess Diana meets Hasnat Khan at the Royal Brompton Hospital.
1995-1997 Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan date in secret.
1997 Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan break up.
2023 Humayun Saeed is cast as Hasnat Khan in the fifth season of The Crown.

What sets Hasnat Khan apart is not just his medical expertise but his significant role in the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. The two shared a romantic relationship during the mid-1990s, which remains etched in history as one of the most intriguing love stories involving a royal.

Their secretive affair began in September 1995 when Princess Diana visited the Royal Brompton Hospital, and fate intervened.

“Hasnat was the love of her life; nobody came close to him.” – A statement that encapsulates the depth of their relationship.

Hasnat Khan’s Low Profile

Hasnat Khan, in stark contrast to the spotlight that followed Princess Diana, chose to lead a private and low-key life. He remains a man of mystery when it comes to discussing his relationship with the beloved princess. Interviews and public disclosures about their romance have been notably absent.

His discretion and reluctance to divulge details about his connection with Princess Diana only add to the enigma surrounding their love story. It’s a testament to his commitment to keeping their affair shielded from the prying eyes of the media.

The Crown’s Portrayal

In the world of entertainment, Hasnat Khan’s character found life on the small screen through the talented portrayal by Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed in the fifth season of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series, “The Crown.”

This casting choice generated excitement among fans eager to see how the show would capture the essence of Khan’s relationship with Diana. “The Crown” has been praised for its attention to historical accuracy, but it has also faced criticism for its depiction of Khan.

Secrets About Princess Diana’s Affair

The love between Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan was shrouded in secrecy for much of its duration. However, some details have emerged, shedding light on the depth of their affection for each other.

Princess Diana confided in her friends, expressing that Hasnat Khan was the only man who had ever made her feel genuinely loved and respected. Their love was undeniable, but it was not without its share of challenges.

Khan’s hesitation to commit to a long-term relationship with Diana stemmed from his concerns about the media attention and the potential impact on his medical career. Balancing love and professional life in the royal spotlight proved to be a formidable challenge.


In the end, Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan’s love story remains a complex and passionate chapter in her life. It’s a reminder that even amidst the glamour and scrutiny of royalty, true love can find its way into the hearts of the most famous.

Their relationship may have concluded, but the memory of Hasnat Khan, the man who captured Diana’s heart, endures. As we unveil this captivating love story, we glimpse a deeper understanding of a remarkable woman who touched the world in ways that still resonate today.


Q2: How long did Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan date?
A2: They dated in secret from 1995 to 1997.

Q3: Who portrayed Hasnat Khan in “The Crown”?
A3: Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed portrayed Hasnat Khan in the fifth season of “The Crown.”

Q4: What impact did their relationship have on Princess Diana?
A4: Their relationship made Princess Diana feel genuinely loved and respected, but it also posed challenges due to media attention and its impact on Khan’s medical career.

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