Taylor Swift Current Boyfriend Is Matty Healy the New Love in Her Life?


When it comes to the world of celebrity relationships, few garner as much attention as Taylor Swift’s love life. The talented singer recently parted ways with fan-favorite Joe Alwyn. In the wake of this separation, whispers suggest a new romance brewing with Matty Healy of The 1975.

Summary of Taylor Swift’s Current Boyfriend

Date Event
2017 Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn start dating.
2023 The couple breaks up, leaving fans shocked.
2023 Rumors of Taylor Swift’s budding romance with Matty Healy surface.
2023 The duo spotted together multiple times, intensifying dating rumors.

Taylor Swift’s Relationship with Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Swift began her romance with Joe Alwyn back in 2017, a relationship that was characterized by its discretion. The couple mostly shied away from the limelight, giving fans only glimpses of their affection for each other. Nevertheless, their split in 2023 took many by surprise, reminding us of the unpredictable nature of love.

The Rumored New Boyfriend: Matty Healy

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Post her breakup with Alwyn, the rumor mill started churning about Taylor’s connection with Matty Healy. This isn’t the first time Healy, the charismatic frontman for The 1975, has been linked with high-profile celebrities. The duo’s sightings in various cities, coupled with their camaraderie, has only added fuel to the speculations.

Taylor Swift’s Past Relationships and Songs

Taylor’s vibrant relationship history is well-documented in her discography. Songs like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Blank Space” echo past flames. If Matty Healy becomes a more significant part of her life, we might see her musical reflections on this new chapter.

Taylor Swift’s Love Life in 2023

While speculations around Swift and Healy’s relationship are rife, Taylor’s 2023 love life remains shrouded in mystery. Some reports even suggest her close friends playing matchmaker post her split with Alwyn. Whether it’s enjoying her singlehood or a clandestine relationship, Taylor’s romantic decisions always pique interest.


From Joe Alwyn to possibly Matty Healy, Taylor Swift’s romantic trajectories have always been of keen interest to fans and media alike. While the whispers about Healy being Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend grow louder, only time will unveil the reality. Regardless of her relationship status, Taylor’s musical genius and personal life continue to captivate audiences globally.


1. When did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn start dating?
They began their relationship in 2017.

3. Are Taylor Swift and Matty Healy dating in 2023?
As of now, it’s still a rumor, and no official confirmation has been provided.

4. How long was Taylor in a relationship with Joe Alwyn?
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were in a relationship for six years, from 2017 to 2023.

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