Skittles LGBTQ Packaging Sparking Controversy?


Recently, Skittles unveiled its latest initiative – a bold new packaging design championing LGBTQ rights. This unique packaging, predominantly showcasing white Skittles, has been introduced as a mark of respect and support for the LGBTQ community. Despite the noble intentions of fostering inclusion, the new design has inadvertently stirred a hornet’s nest, particularly amongst conservative quarters.

  1. Summary of Skittles LGBTQ packaging:
  2. Skittles and its Pro-LGBTQ Endeavor
  3. The Storm of Boycotts and Bud Light Comparisons
  4. An Unwavering Commitment
  5. Beyond Just Packaging
  6. Skittles’ Closing Message

Skittles’ collaboration with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) ensured a contribution of $1 from every Pride pack sale, earmarked for initiatives promoting LGBTQ causes. This move, however, was met with skepticism by some sections, likening it to the Bud Light boycott that transpired after their association with a transgender influencer.

Summary of Skittles LGBTQ packaging:

Key Events Details
Release of Skittles’ LGBTQ packaging June 2023, showcasing white Skittles
Conservative response Labeled as “woke”, calls for boycotts
Skittles’ stance Promotes inclusion, tolerance, and support for LGBTQ
Partnership with GLAAD $1 donation for every Pride pack sold
QR Codes on Packaging Access to LGBTQ stories on Audible
Collaboration with LGBTQ Artists Prior initiatives in 2019, furthering Pride celebrations

Skittles and its Pro-LGBTQ Endeavor

The core message of this initiative resonates through Skittles’ packaging – during Pride, only one rainbow matters. Thus, forgoing their iconic multicolored design, Skittles opted for a more muted, white appearance. The intention? To underscore their solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

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Beyond the symbolic white Skittles, the brand took innovation a notch higher. The packaging came embedded with QR codes. Upon scanning, these QR codes redirected to Audible, offering users a plethora of LGBTQ stories, giving voice to numerous LGBTQ storytellers.

The Storm of Boycotts and Bud Light Comparisons

However, every silver lining has its cloud. The move from Skittles has not gone down well with certain conservative factions. They likened the Skittles situation to the Bud Light debacle, where the beer brand’s partnership with a transgender influencer cost them billions due to boycotts.

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An Unwavering Commitment

Yet, Skittles remains unfazed. Their commitment to the LGBTQ cause has roots deeper than this current packaging. Back in 2019, Skittles had replaced their iconic packaging with an LGBTQ-friendly version during Pride celebrations. They also engaged the creative acumen of London’s brand and packaging design agency, Straight Forward Design, reiterating that during Pride, only one rainbow truly matters.

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Beyond Just Packaging

Continuing their Pride month support, Skittles rolled out gray packs designed by the artistic genius of renowned LGBTQ artists. This not only showcased the brand’s commitment but also shone a light on the brilliant artistry within the LGBTQ community.

Skittles’ Closing Message

Skittles might have come under fire, but their core message remains unaltered. For them, inclusion and tolerance lie at the heart of this entire initiative. They seek to spread love, celebrate diversity, and truly believe that everyone deserves a place under the rainbow.


Why did Skittles introduce the white packaging?
Skittles chose the white design as a symbol of solidarity during Pride month, emphasizing that only one rainbow matters during this time.

How is Skittles supporting the LGBTQ community financially?
For every Pride pack sold, Skittles will donate $1 (up to $100,000) in collaboration with GLAAD to uplift the LGBTQ community.

Did Skittles face backlash for their new packaging?
Yes, some conservatives expressed dissatisfaction with the new packaging, even calling for boycotts.

What’s special about the Skittles’ LGBTQ packaging beyond its design?
The packaging features QR codes that, when scanned, lead to a collection of LGBTQ stories on Audible.

— by Varun Awasthi