Pia Sundhage – A Journey of Coaching and Soccer Success


Pia Sundhage is indeed an inspiring name in the field of soccer, with a career that’s filled with remarkable accomplishments. Born in Sweden in 1960, she not only triumphed as a player but also made a lasting mark as a coach.

  1. Summary of Pia Sundhage’s Journey
  2. Pia Sundhage’s Early Life and Playing Career
  3. Transition to Coaching
  4. Pia Sundhage’s Impact on Jamaican Women’s Soccer
  5. Coaching Stint in Brazil and Relationship with Marta
  6. Impact on Individual Players
  7. Pia Sundhage’s Age and Longevity in Coaching
  8. Coaching Experience in Panama
  9. Conclusion

Coaching the likes of the United States and Brazil’s women’s national teams, Sundhage has turned teams into champions. Her impact is not just limited to the teams; she has played a crucial role in shaping the careers of individual players, earning respect and admiration worldwide.

Summary of Pia Sundhage’s Journey

Date Event
1960 Birth in Ulricehamn, Sweden
1984 European Championship win with Sweden
2007 Head Coach of the USWNT
2019 Became head coach of the Brazilian women’s team
2022 Leading Brazil at the FIFA Women’s World Cup
63 years Present age, illustrating her experience

Pia Sundhage’s Early Life and Playing Career

Pia Sundhage’s soccer story started in Ulricehamn, Sweden. From a young age, her talent was evident.

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Joining the Swedish national team, she was instrumental in winning the 1984 European Championship. Additionally, her performance as the top scorer for Sweden at the 1991 World Cup became a major highlight of her playing career.

Transition to Coaching

After retiring from playing, Sundhage’s love for the game led her to coaching. Initially working with teams in Sweden, she soon found her calling in the United States.

Taking charge of the USWNT in 2007, she led them to two Olympic gold medals. Her brilliance in coaching was further established when she became the head coach of the Brazilian women’s team in 2019.

Pia Sundhage’s Impact on Jamaican Women’s Soccer

While her impact on the Jamaican women’s soccer scene may not be well-documented, Pia Sundhage’s coaching philosophy and strategies have reached far and wide.

Though there seems to be some confusion in the information available, her influence on women’s soccer can be seen in various teams around the globe, including Jamaica’s budding talents.

Coaching Stint in Brazil and Relationship with Marta

Sundhage’s coaching career took a turn in Brazil, where she worked closely with iconic player Marta. Together, they strengthened Brazil’s game.

Her bond with Marta and the Brazilian team has set new standards in the sport. They will be showcasing their combined efforts in the 2022 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Impact on Individual Players

Beyond her work with teams, Pia Sundhage has greatly influenced individual players. Helping talents like Tamires shine, she has a knack for nurturing young stars.

Her mentoring and personalized coaching approach have helped many players reach their full potential, adding a personal touch to their professional growth.

Pia Sundhage’s Age and Longevity in Coaching

At 63, Pia Sundhage’s energy and passion remain undiminished. Her age is a testament to her experience and dedication.

Coaching Experience in Panama

Though brief, Sundhage’s experience in Panama has contributed to her rich coaching career. Her work with the Panama national women’s soccer team showcases her adaptability.

Her endeavors in Panama add to her profile as one of the most versatile coaches in women’s soccer.


From player to coach, Pia Sundhage’s journey is a story of determination, success, and influence. Her contribution to women’s soccer is unparalleled.

Young players continue to look up to her, and her legacy is sure to be a beacon for future generations in soccer. Her story isn’t just about soccer; it’s about breaking barriers and setting standards.


What teams has Pia Sundhage coached?
She has coached the United States women’s national team, the Brazilian women’s team, and has had experiences with teams in Sweden and Panama.

What are some of Pia Sundhage’s significant achievements?
She won two Olympic gold medals with the USWNT, and she was a top scorer for Sweden at the 1991 World Cup.

How has Pia Sundhage influenced individual players?
Through personalized mentoring and coaching, she has helped shape the careers of many players, including stars like Marta and Tamires.

What’s next for Pia Sundhage?
Her immediate focus is leading Brazil at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2022. Her continued influence in soccer is eagerly anticipated.

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