Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell What the Connection Behind Their Viral Seahawk QB Moment?


Pete Carroll, the Seahawks’ head coach, recently garnered immense attention not just for his coaching skills, but for an unexpected on-field performance. With a cameo playing quarterback, Carroll surprised many, including comedian Will Ferrell. But what’s the story behind this viral moment?

  1. Will Ferrell’s Bold Prediction
  2. Hollywood’s Affection for USC and Pete Carroll
  3. Celebrity Guest List at Colorado-USC Game
  4. Pete Carroll’s Impressive Net Worth
  5. Pete Carroll’s QB Cameo
  6. Celebrities’ Reactions to Carroll’s QB Play
  7. Will Ferrell’s “ManningCast” Appearance
  8. Conclusion
  9. Summary of pete carroll will ferrell
  • Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell have an intriguing relationship that many might not be aware of.
  • Their bond recently became a focal point due to a viral QB moment involving Carroll.

Will Ferrell’s Bold Prediction

  • Will Ferrell showcased his prophetic skills during a Seahawks’ game.
  • In an uncanny moment, he predicted a touchdown pass by Geno Smith to DK Metcalf.

Hollywood’s Affection for USC and Pete Carroll

  • USC has seen a revival, pulling Hollywood’s crème de la crème towards them.
  • Notable personalities like Will Ferrell and Snoop Dogg have openly expressed their support for the Trojans.

Celebrity Guest List at Colorado-USC Game

  • The Colorado-USC game was more than just a sports event; it was a gathering of A-listers.
  • The attendees included the likes of DJ Khaled, Will Ferrell, and Snoop Dogg.

Pete Carroll’s Impressive Net Worth

  • Pete Carroll isn’t just known for his coaching prowess; he’s also financially accomplished.
  • With a staggering net worth of around $40 million, Carroll’s success off the field is evident.

Pete Carroll’s QB Cameo

  • Pete Carroll’s decision to play quarterback became an internet sensation overnight.
  • The video drew hilarious reactions, especially from Snoop Dogg, Roger Goodell, and Will Ferrell.

Celebrities’ Reactions to Carroll’s QB Play

  • The internet wasn’t the only place buzzing post Carroll’s QB video.
  • Celebrities offered their humorous takes, with Snoop Dogg, Will Ferrell, and others leading the charge.

Will Ferrell’s “ManningCast” Appearance

  • Ferrell’s close ties with Carroll played a role in his “ManningCast” appearance.
  • During the show, he spoke about Pete Carroll and the Seahawks, adding another layer to their intertwined narratives.


  • The bond between Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell is undoubtedly unique.
  • Their recent interactions, from viral moments to television appearances, showcase a blend of sports and entertainment rarely seen.


Summary of pete carroll will ferrell

Event Description Date or Data
Will Ferrell’s touchdown prediction During a Seahawks’ game
Hollywood support for USC Ongoing
Colorado-USC game celebrity list Not specified
Pete Carroll’s net worth Approx. $40 million
Carroll’s QB video reactions Viral on social media
Ferrell’s “ManningCast” appearance 14 hours ago
Pete Carroll’s QB play Became viral
Celebrity reactions to Carroll’s play From various celebrities

Q: What did Will Ferrell predict?
A: He predicted a touchdown pass by Geno Smith to DK Metcalf during a Seahawks’ game.

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Q: How much is Pete Carroll worth?
A: Pete Carroll’s net worth is estimated around $40 million.

Q: What was the highlight of the Colorado-USC game?
A: The star-studded guest list, including Will Ferrell and Snoop Dogg.

Q: Why did Pete Carroll’s QB video go viral?
A: The unexpected nature of the head coach playing quarterback and the ensuing celebrity reactions made it a sensation.

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