Oscar De La Hoya Age How Has Age Shaped the Boxing Legend Career?


In the world of boxing, age can be both an advantage and a challenge. For Oscar De La Hoya, born February 4, 1973, in East Los Angeles, his age has played a crucial role in his illustrious career. As of 2023, Oscar De La Hoya is 50 years old. His journey, marked by significant milestones, resonates with boxing enthusiasts and the general public alike.

  1. Summary of oscar de la hoya age
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Oscar De La Hoya’s Professional Boxing Career
  4. Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya
  5. Family and Personal Life
  6. Conclusion

As we delve deeper into De La Hoya’s life, we notice how his age has impacted key decisions, opportunities, and the matches that defined his career.

Summary of oscar de la hoya age

Key Highlights Details
Date of Birth February 4, 1973
Current Age (as of 2023) 50 years
Early Career Achievement National Junior Olympic Titles at 15 & 16
Key Professional Record 39 wins, 6 losses, 30 KOs
Significant Bout Against Canelo Alvarez in May 2007
Family Ex-wife Millie Corretjer, three children

Early Life and Career

Oscar De La Hoya’s journey began in Los Angeles, California. He took the boxing world by storm at a young age. Winning the national Junior Olympic 119-pound title at just 15, De La Hoya was clearly destined for greatness. The following year, he clinched the 125-pound title.

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In a touching tribute to his mother, who had passed away from cancer, De La Hoya made a promise. He vowed to win an Olympic gold medal. True to his word, he triumphed at the 1992 Olympics, securing the lightweight gold medal for Mexico and America.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Professional Boxing Career

Known by the alias “Golden Boy”, De La Hoya’s professional boxing career boasts impressive stats. With a record of 39 wins, 6 losses, and 30 knockouts, he stands as one of the boxing greats.

His boxing prowess, combined with his charismatic presence, has made him a household name. Key fights and significant accomplishments pepper his career, solidifying his legendary status.

Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya

One of the pivotal moments in De La Hoya’s career was his face-off with Canelo Alvarez in May 2007. Despite enjoying advantages in age or weight in many of his previous fights, this bout showcased significant age and weight differences between the two.

Interestingly, Canelo Alvarez’s net worth skyrocketed post this. He later secured a monumental 5-year, $365 million fight contract with Oscar De La Hoya’s promotion.

Family and Personal Life

Behind the punches and the spotlight, De La Hoya is a family man. He married Millie Corretjer in 2001, with whom he had three children before they separated in 2018. While Oscar Jr., their first child, remains away from social media, glimpses of their close bond can be seen on De La Hoya’s Instagram, like the cherished father-son baseball game moment.


Oscar De La Hoya’s age has been a significant factor in shaping his illustrious boxing journey. From his early achievements to the highs and lows of his professional career, age played a pivotal role. As we reflect on his achievements and personal moments, we’re reminded of the immense dedication and passion De La Hoya has for the sport. Here’s to the legend, Oscar De La Hoya, and his indomitable spirit.


1. When was Oscar De La Hoya born?
He was born on February 4, 1973.

2. What’s his professional boxing record?
De La Hoya’s record stands at 39 wins, 6 losses, and 30 knockouts.

4. How many children does he have with ex-wife Millie Corretjer?
Oscar De La Hoya has three children with Millie Corretjer.

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