Olivier Giroud Position AC Milan Versatile Striker and Goalkeeper?


On a surprising note, Olivier Giroud, primarily known as a striker for AC Milan, recently showcased his goalkeeping skills in a Serie A match. This unusual performance has sparked interest and admiration from fans worldwide.

  1. Olivier Giroud’s Playing Position
  2. Summary of Olivier Giroud’s Position
  3. Hilarious Goalkeeper Stint
  4. Giroud’s Goalkeeper Save Against Genoa
  5. Fan Engagement
  6. Olivier Giroud’s Profile
  7. Detailed Player Stats
  8. Physical Attributes
  9. Conclusion

Olivier Giroud’s Playing Position

Olivier Giroud is predominantly recognized for his role as a striker. Since his association with AC Milan, Giroud has been an instrumental attacking force, helping the team with his scoring abilities.

Summary of Olivier Giroud’s Position

Aspect Details
Primary Position Striker
Recent Role Makeshift Goalkeeper in Serie A match
Club Association AC Milan since 2021
Notable Performance Stellar save against Genoa
Fan Engagement Printing name on goalkeeper jerseys
Height & Weight 192 cm & 91 kg
Preferred Foot Left

Hilarious Goalkeeper Stint

Recently, AC Milan humorously added Olivier Giroud to their goalkeepers’ list. This was in response to his remarkable display during a Serie A match, where he stepped in as a makeshift goalkeeper, leaving fans in awe.

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Giroud’s Goalkeeper Save Against Genoa

In an unforgettable Serie A fixture against Genoa, Giroud showcased his versatility by making a stellar save. This performance has not only added another feather to his cap but also solidified AC Milan’s position in the league.

Fan Engagement

Following this iconic goalkeeping stint, Milan announced that fans could imprint Olivier Giroud’s name on their home goalkeeper jerseys. The initiative was met with great enthusiasm, emphasizing Giroud’s newfound dual role’s popularity.

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Olivier Giroud’s Profile

Born on 30th September 1986, Olivier Jonathan Giroud has made a name for himself in the football world. The 37-year-old French striker, associated with AC Milan since 2021, has previously showcased his talent with other renowned football clubs.

Detailed Player Stats

Giroud’s stats as a forward for AC Milan are commendable. From scoring vital goals to assisting his teammates, his strengths in the field are evident. His role is undoubtedly pivotal to AC Milan’s attacking strategies.

Physical Attributes

Standing tall at 192 cm and weighing 91 kg, Giroud’s physicality is a significant advantage in the field. His preference for his left foot while playing adds another layer to his versatility.


Olivier Giroud, with his unique position at AC Milan, has redefined versatility. From being a formidable striker to surprising everyone with his goalkeeping skills, his contributions to AC Milan have been immense and noteworthy.


Q: What is Olivier Giroud’s primary playing position?
A: Olivier Giroud primarily plays as a striker.

Q: Why was Giroud added to AC Milan’s goalkeeper list?
A: It was a humorous nod to his goalkeeping performance in a Serie A match against Genoa.

Q: Can fans get Giroud’s name on AC Milan’s goalkeeper jersey?
A: Yes, after his goalkeeping stint, Milan allowed fans to print Giroud’s name on their goalkeeper jerseys.

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