Mimi Keene Age A Look at the Youthful Star of Sex Education


Mimi Keene, a prominent actress known for her captivating roles, has taken the world of entertainment by storm, particularly with her role in “Sex Education.” The interesting bit? At 25, there’s only a seven-year age difference between Mimi and her character, Ruby Matthews.

  1. Summary of Mimi Keene Age
  2. Mimi Keene’s Background
  3. Mimi Keene’s Age
  4. Mimi Keene’s Notable Roles
  5. Mimi Keene’s Personal Life
  6. Mimi Keene’s Popularity and Recognition
  7. Conclusion

Mimi’s age has often been a topic of intrigue, given her mature portrayal of roles on screen. This disparity between her real age and that of her characters showcases her acting prowess.

Summary of Mimi Keene Age

Attribute Details
Full Name Mimi Keene
Date of Birth August 5, 1998
Age as of 2023 25 years
Notable Roles Cindy Williams (EastEnders), Ruby Matthews (Sex Education)
Personal Status Not dating, No children
Birthplace Hertfordshire, England
Education Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts

Mimi Keene’s brilliance on screen, especially as Ruby Matthews in “Sex Education”, cannot be understated. Diving deeper, there’s a seven-year gap between her age and that of her character.

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Mimi Keene’s Background

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, England, Mimi’s foray into acting started early. Her nurturing grounds? The renowned Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, which sculpted her skills and prepared her for the big stage.

Mimi Keene’s Age

Born on August 5, 1998, Mimi Keene’s age is 25 as of 2023. This revelation might be surprising to some, especially when comparing her to Ruby Matthews, her 17-year-old character in “Sex Education.”

Mimi Keene’s Notable Roles

Keene isn’t new to the limelight. Before “Sex Education”, she made headlines with her role as Cindy Williams in the much-loved BBC soap, “EastEnders.” The versatility she brings to her roles speaks volumes about her talent.

Mimi Keene’s Personal Life

Peeking into her personal sphere, Mimi leads a private life. Currently not dating, and without children, she embodies the traits of a Leo, her zodiac sign.

Mimi Keene’s Popularity and Recognition

Ranked #7006 in popularity, Mimi’s contribution to British television is commendable. Her ever-growing fanbase is testament to her mettle as an actress.


Mimi Keene, with her impressive age of 25, has achieved a lot in the world of acting. Her age juxtaposed with her roles, especially in “Sex Education,” underscores her exceptional talent and contribution to the entertainment sector.


1. How old is Mimi Keene?
Mimi Keene is 25 years old as of 2023.

2. What is Mimi Keene’s notable role in Sex Education?
She plays the character Ruby Matthews.

3. Where was Mimi Keene born?
She was born in Hertfordshire, England.

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