Mick Whelan Salary Is the Aslef Union Boss Earnings Justified Amid Rail Strikes?


Mick Whelan, the General Secretary of the British trade union ASLEF, has been under the limelight for the recent rail strikes and their consequent impacts. The strikes are expected to continue, with insiders fearing they might last for a year. It’s believed that Whelan hopes that if the Labour party comes to power, train drivers will receive a significant pay rise. However, many within the union are hoping for a different outcome.

  1. Summary of Mick Whelan Salary
  2. Mick Whelan’s Salary and Earnings
  3. Mick Whelan’s Net Worth Over the Years
  4. Impact of Strikes on Rail and Tube Travel
  5. Mick Whelan’s Leadership and Criticisms
  6. Conclusion

Meanwhile, in the backdrop of these events, many are curious about Mick Whelan’s financials. His salary, in particular, has become a significant talking point.

Summary of Mick Whelan Salary

Aspect Details
2021 Salary £151,371
Comparison to average UK salary Significantly higher
Net Worth in 2023 £7.4 Million
Leadership Criticism Accused of “acting like a dictator”
Strike’s Impact on Economy Significant
Stance on Continuing Strikes Halting strikes currently “is not an option”

Mick Whelan, born in 1960, became the 18th General Secretary of ASLEF in 2011. He’s been central to the ongoing strikes, which insiders fear might last a year. On one side, there’s a belief that Whelan expects the Labour party to facilitate a massive pay rise for train drivers. However, rank and file union members have varying hopes.

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Mick Whelan’s Salary and Earnings

In 2021, Mick Whelan took home a total remuneration of £151,371. In contrast, Aslef’s Assistant General Secretary, Simon Weller, earned £130,230 during the same period. When compared to the average UK salary of £31,876, Whelan’s earnings are significantly higher.

Mick Whelan’s Net Worth Over the Years

Whelan’s financial growth over the years has been noteworthy:

  • 2020: £5.18 Million
  • 2021: £5.92 Million
  • 2022: £6.66 Million
  • 2023: £7.4 Million

This steady rise reflects his increasing influence and role within the union.

Impact of Strikes on Rail and Tube Travel

The strikes initiated by ASLEF, under Whelan’s leadership, have led to considerable disruptions. Whelan has made it clear that halting the strikes currently “is not an option”. These actions and decisions have a significant effect on the economy and strain the train operators’ potential profitability.

Mick Whelan’s Leadership and Criticisms

Whelan’s style of leadership has faced both praise and critique. He has been accused of “acting like a dictator”. Despite his leadership causing disruptions, Whelan has maintained that there’s no economic cost to the strikes, a statement debated by many.


Mick Whelan’s salary and net worth, especially in the context of the ongoing rail strikes, are a focal point of discussion. As debates around his leadership and the role of unions in the rail industry continue, the financial aspect remains a significant part of the narrative.


Q: How much did Mick Whelan earn in 2021?
A: Mick Whelan earned £151,371 in total remuneration in 2021.

Q: How does Whelan’s salary compare to the average UK salary?
A: Mick Whelan’s salary is significantly higher than the average UK salary of £31,876.

Q: What is Whelan’s net worth in 2023?
A: In 2023, Mick Whelan’s net worth is £7.4 Million.

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