JJ Watt Joins CBS as an NFL Analyst Could He Eventually Replace Tony Romo?


In recent news, former NFL star JJ Watt, who is known for his legendary football career, has embarked on a new venture. JJ Watt has transitioned to CBS as their newest studio analyst, leading many to question: “who is JJ Watt replacing on CBS?” Given Tony Romo’s significant influence on CBS NFL broadcasts, there is abundant speculation about JJ Watt potentially filling Romo’s shoes in the future.

  1. Summary of who is jj watt replacing on cbs
  2. JJ Watt’s Move to the CBS Booth
  3. CBS’s Strategic Move
  4. JJ Watt’s Multi-Year Deal with CBS
  5. Watt’s Introduction to the CBS Audience
  6. Speculation on JJ Watt’s Future
  7. Conclusion

JJ Watt, a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, has decided to hang up his cleats and take up the microphone. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s charisma and in-depth game insights have set a high standard for CBS NFL broadcasts, leaving fans intrigued about Watt’s potential contribution.

Summary of who is jj watt replacing on cbs

Highlight Details
Transition JJ Watt moves from NFL to CBS Sports
Role Studio Analyst for CBS
Contract Multi-year deal with CBS Sports
Introduction Appeared on CBS Mornings to discuss role
Speculation Could he replace Tony Romo in the future?
Announcement Shared news of CBS role on social media
2023 NFL Season JJ Watt joins CBS’s NFL broadcasting team

JJ Watt’s Move to the CBS Booth

There’s no doubt that JJ Watt’s name carries weight in the NFL community, given his outstanding career and numerous accolades. Recently, the news broke that Watt would be donning a new role, that of a studio analyst for CBS Sports.

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CBS’s Strategic Move

CBS Sports’ decision to incorporate JJ Watt into their team is viewed as a masterstroke. “Everybody wants J.J. Watt on their commentary team,” a statement that resonates with many fans. With the 2023 NFL season looming, this addition promises to add more zest and insights to CBS’s NFL broadcasts.

JJ Watt’s Multi-Year Deal with CBS

It’s more than just a short stint. JJ Watt has committed to a multi-year agreement with CBS Sports, ensuring fans will see plenty of him in the coming years. Notably, he’s slated to appear on the network’s renowned NFL Today pre-game show.

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Watt’s Introduction to the CBS Audience

To give the audience a closer look into his new role, JJ Watt made an appearance on CBS Mornings. There, he delved into his responsibilities on “NFL Today” and shared his enthusiasm about this fresh chapter in his life.

Speculation on JJ Watt’s Future

As “who is JJ Watt replacing on CBS” remains a trending query, many wonder if CBS is grooming him to eventually succeed Tony Romo. JJ Watt’s announcement on social media only fueled these speculations further, making the 2023 season all the more anticipated.


JJ Watt’s transition from the gridiron to the CBS Sports booth marks an exciting era for NFL broadcasting. As the community eagerly watches his new journey, there’s no denying the whispers about him potentially stepping into Tony Romo’s role in the future.

1. Who is JJ Watt?
JJ Watt is a former NFL star, a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

2. What is JJ Watt’s new role at CBS?
He has joined CBS Sports as a studio analyst.

3. Is JJ Watt replacing Tony Romo on CBS?
There’s no confirmation on that, but there’s significant speculation regarding the same.

4. How long is JJ Watt’s contract with CBS?
He has signed a multi-year deal with CBS Sports.

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