Jim Romaniszyn, NFL Legend and Metro Erie Sports Hall of Famer, Dies at 71


Jim Romaniszyn, a towering figure in the annals of American football, left an indelible mark on the NFL and the broader sports community. The former NFL linebacker and Metro Erie Sports Hall of Famer died at the age of 71 on August 22, 2023. His loss brings a palpable void to the world of sports.

  1. Summary of Jim Romaniszyn Cause of Death
  2. Jim Romaniszyn’s Athletic Legacy
  3. Transition to Personal Life
  4. The Announcement of Jim Romaniszyn’s Passing
  5. Jim Romaniszyn’s Impact on the Community
  6. Conclusion

Romaniszyn’s illustrious football career combined with his significant contributions off the field are a testament to his indomitable spirit and passion. Through his journey from the football fields of Edinboro University to the towering stadiums of the NFL, he remained a beacon of inspiration for many.

Summary of Jim Romaniszyn Cause of Death

Date/Time Significant Event
August 22, 2023 Jim Romaniszyn passes away at the age of 71.
Early 1970s Wears jersey No. 48 at Edinboro University and achieves football excellence.
1973 Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.
1976 Concludes his NFL journey with the New England Patriots.
Post-NFL Career Transitioned to coaching basketball in northwestern Pennsylvania and Florida.

Jim Romaniszyn’s Athletic Legacy

At Edinboro University, where Romaniszyn’s college football journey began, he donned the No. 48 jersey. This number later became emblematic of his undying spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence. As he navigated his way through college football, he caught the eye of NFL scouts. His prowess on the field led him to be selected by the Cleveland Browns in the 13th round of the 1973 NFL draft, marking the beginning of his storied NFL career.

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Transition to Personal Life

After hanging up his NFL boots in 1976, Romaniszyn seamlessly transitioned from playing to coaching. Back in northwestern Pennsylvania, he became the guiding force behind McDowell’s boys’ basketball program. His coaching journey later took him to sunny Florida, in Port Orange, continuing his legacy of nurturing young talent.

The Announcement of Jim Romaniszyn’s Passing

The news of Romaniszyn’s demise sent shockwaves through the community. His family, especially Sharon Romaniszyn, confirmed the sad news to the Erie Times-News. A memorial service, reflecting the grandeur of his life, was planned in Port Orange, Florida, where he had been living since the mid-1980s.

Jim Romaniszyn’s Impact on the Community

Joe Sanford’s sentiment, “Jim was a great individual, and he’ll remain a great individual. No. 48 will be with me for the rest of my life,” encapsulates the profound impact Romaniszyn had on those around him. Denny Creehan’s fond memories of Romaniszyn further illustrate the deep connections he forged both on and off the field.


Jim Romaniszyn’s legacy is more than just the sum of his athletic achievements. It’s woven from the bonds he shared with teammates, the lives he touched as a coach, and the memories he left behind. While the cause of his death brings sorrow, his life and contributions will forever echo in the corridors of football history.


Q: When did Jim Romaniszyn pass away?
A: He passed away on August 22, 2023.

Q: Which NFL teams did Jim Romaniszyn play for?
A: Jim Romaniszyn played for the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots.

Q: What did he do after retiring from the NFL?
A: He transitioned into coaching basketball, notably at McDowell and later in Port Orange, Florida.

Q: How is Jim remembered by those who knew him?
A: Jim is remembered as a great individual both on and off the field. He left a lasting impact on many lives.

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