Jack Dorsey Relationship Who Has the Twitter Co-Founder Dated?


Jack Dorsey, the iconic co-founder of Twitter, has not only made headlines for his innovative contributions to the tech industry but also for his intriguing personal life. Given the allure surrounding his romantic escapades, let’s delve into the details of the “jack dorsey relationship” saga.

  1. Sabrina Carpenter and Corey Relationship
  2. Summary of jack dorsey relationship
  3. Jack Dorsey’s Crypto-Friendly Ventures
  4. Jack Dorsey’s Recent Relationships
  5. Jack Dorsey’s Past Relationships
  6. Jack Dorsey’s Interest in the Arts
  7. Marital Status of Jack Dorsey
  8. Inside Look into Jack Dorsey’s Dating Life
  9. Recent Updates on Jack Dorsey’s Relationship Status
  10. Conclusion

Sabrina Carpenter and Corey Relationship

Sabrina Carpenter, unrelated to Jack Dorsey’s personal life, has had her share of spotlight moments. Jack Dorsey, however, stirred controversy with an alleged attack on Mark Who, without any clear connections to Sabrina. In a separate string of events, Sabrina Carpenter has been linked with a certain Sabrina Steven Perry.

Summary of jack dorsey relationship

Aspect Details
Current Status Unmarried
Recent Relationship Raven Lyn Corneil (2018-2019)
Past Relationships Kate Greer, Lily Cole, Nicole Lapin
Interest Arts, especially dance
Net Worth $12 billion
Last Major Update Resigned as Twitter CEO on Nov 29, 2021

Jack Dorsey’s Crypto-Friendly Ventures

Apart from his romantic interests, Jack Dorsey has been significantly active in the world of cryptocurrency. His crypto-friendly payments company, Block, stands out due to its fierce advocacy for self-custody. The relationship between Block and Twitter, along with its ties to SBF or FTX, highlights Dorsey’s influence in the crypto realm.

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Jack Dorsey’s Recent Relationships

Since his departure from the CEO position at Twitter, Dorsey has been a subject of numerous relationship speculations. Most notably, he dated Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Raven Lyn Corneil. The duo even made an appearance together during the 2018 New York Fashion Week. Lately, he was seen in Spain, accompanied by an unidentified beauty.

Jack Dorsey’s Past Relationships

Jack Dorsey’s romantic history is as varied as it is interesting. Notable relationships include:

  • Raven Lyn (2018-2019)
  • Kate Greer (2013), whom he shared an on-and-off relationship with
  • Lily Cole (2012-2013)
  • Nicole Lapin

Jack Dorsey’s Interest in the Arts

Beyond tech and relationships, Dorsey has a profound appreciation for the arts. His relationship with Sofiane Sylve, a notable figure in the world of dance, seems to have further ignited his passion. Today, he remains a dedicated supporter and admirer of artistic ventures.

Marital Status of Jack Dorsey

Despite the myriad of relationships, Jack Dorsey has never tied the knot. The Twitter CEO, boasting a multi-billionaire status, has indeed been romantically linked with several individuals over the years.

Inside Look into Jack Dorsey’s Dating Life

As of March 24, 2022, the allure around Dorsey’s romantic endeavors remains. With an estimated net worth of $12 billion, his dating life, much like his professional journey, has seen its fair share of spotlight moments.

Recent Updates on Jack Dorsey’s Relationship Status

The Twitter sphere was abuzz on November 29, 2021, when Dorsey announced his decision to step down as Twitter’s CEO. Amidst corporate changes, the rumor mill about his dating life also spun, with mentions of connections with swimsuit model Flora Carter in June 2021.


Jack Dorsey’s life, both personal and professional, has been under the lens, fueling public curiosity. As of now, while he continues to make strides in the tech and crypto world, the “jack dorsey relationship” saga remains a tantalizing topic for many.

1. Who is Jack Dorsey?
Jack Dorsey is the co-founder of Twitter and has been involved in various tech and crypto ventures.

2. Is Jack Dorsey married?
No, Jack Dorsey is not married but has been linked to several individuals in the past.

3. Who is Raven Lyn Corneil?
Raven Lyn Corneil is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who dated Jack Dorsey in 2018-2019.

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