Is Toni Kroos Right in Slamming Gabri Veiga ‘Embarrassing’ Move?


In a surprising turn of events, Real Madrid’s seasoned midfielder Toni Kroos has voiced a strong opinion on the recent transfer of Spain’s young sensation, Gabri Veiga. Kroos’ comments about Veiga’s move to Saudi Arabian club Al Ahli, which came as a shock to many, have set the internet buzzing.

  1. Summary of Toni Kroos Gabri Veiga
  2. Introduction
  3. Toni Kroos’ Strong Reaction
  4. Gabri Veiga’s Transfer to Al Ahli
  5. Kroos’ Critique of Veiga’s Move
  6. Kroos’ Unconventional Opinions
  7. Social Media Controversy
  8. Closing Remarks

Many football enthusiasts are familiar with the name Gabri Veiga, especially after his impressive spell with Celta Vigo. However, the decision to shift from Europe’s top leagues to Saudi Arabia’s Pro League has raised eyebrows, and notably, Toni Kroos has been the most vocal about it.

Summary of Toni Kroos Gabri Veiga

Date Event
August 25, 2023 Toni Kroos criticizes Gabri Veiga’s move to Al Ahli on Instagram.
August 25, 2023 Mixed reactions to Kroos’ comments surface on social media.
August 25, 2023 Veiga responds to critiques, defending his move in an interview.
August 25, 2023 Debate intensifies, with fans taking sides in the “toni kroos gabri veiga” controversy.


Toni Kroos and Gabri Veiga are names that have recently been intertwined in football gossip columns. The core of the matter is Kroos’ very public criticism of Veiga’s move to Al Ahli, a top-tier club in Saudi Arabia. This transfer decision by Veiga, who once grabbed attention as a prime target for premier clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea, has now sparked a heated debate.

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Toni Kroos’ Strong Reaction

Toni Kroos didn’t mince words when he commented on the “toni kroos gabri veiga” transfer saga. His strong sentiment was evident when he termed Veiga’s decision as “embarrassing” on a social media platform. Kroos, known for his blunt approach, openly expressed disbelief at a budding star’s choice to shift to the Saudi Pro League.

Gabri Veiga’s Transfer to Al Ahli

Gabri Veiga’s journey to Al Ahli began when the young midfielder caught the eye of many after a stellar season with Celta Vigo. The promising Spain Under-21 international, previously on the radar of Liverpool and Chelsea, surprised many with his move. It was Fabrizio Romano’s post about Veiga’s transfer that drew Kroos into the conversation, leading to the now-infamous “embarrassing” remark.

Kroos’ Critique of Veiga’s Move

Delving deeper into the “toni kroos gabri veiga” controversy, Kroos seemed to take issue with the potential setback this move might represent for Veiga’s career. To him, the Saudi Pro League might not offer the competitive edge seen in European football. Kroos views this transfer as a step backward, especially for a player with European football ambitions.

Kroos’ Unconventional Opinions

This isn’t the first time Kroos has aired his views so openly. He has a history of offering his take on various football matters, even when they stray from popular opinions. From the FIFA World Cup to the European Super League, Kroos rarely shies away from voicing his thoughts.

Social Media Controversy

Kroos’ reaction has been a hot topic on various social media platforms. His critique of Veiga’s move drew both support and backlash. Fans and experts alike have weighed in, creating a divide between those in agreement with Kroos and those defending Veiga’s autonomy in shaping his career.

Closing Remarks

The “toni kroos gabri veiga” saga offers a captivating glance into the complex world of football transfers. While Kroos’ critique of Veiga’s choice will remain a talking point, it serves as a reminder of the multifaceted decisions young players face in their careers. As fans, it leaves us pondering – should young talents stay rooted in Europe or venture beyond for newer challenges?


1. Why did Toni Kroos criticize Gabri Veiga?
Kroos felt that Veiga’s move to Saudi Arabia’s Pro League was a step backward in his career.

2. Who is Gabri Veiga?
Gabri Veiga is a young and promising Spain Under-21 international midfielder, known for his stint with Celta Vigo.

3. What was the nature of Kroos’ comment?
Kroos termed Veiga’s transfer decision as “embarrassing” on his Instagram.

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