Is Tom Cruise Relationship with Suri Still Estranged in 2023?


Tom Cruise, the famed Hollywood star, has been the center of public interest concerning his relationship with daughter Suri Cruise for quite some time. The duo has reportedly been estranged since Tom’s divorce from Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes, back in 2012. Recent reports from 2023 hint that Tom Cruise might be facing financial responsibilities towards Suri, even in the light of their strained relationship.

  1. Summary of Tom Cruise Relationship with Suri
  2. The Estrangement
  3. Relationship Timeline
  4. Media and Public Perception
  5. Scientology Factor
  6. Comparisons with Other Children
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The heart of the matter seems to be their diverging beliefs. Scientology, which Cruise ardently follows, reportedly prevents him from having a close relationship with Suri, as she’s not a follower. This marked change in their bond is evident since they haven’t been publicly seen together since 2013.

Summary of Tom Cruise Relationship with Suri

Date Event Summary
2006 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes marry. The beginning of Tom and Katie’s relationship.
2006 Suri Cruise is born. Birth of Tom’s only biological child.
2012 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce. End of Tom and Katie’s marriage; start of estrangement
2013 Tom Cruise last seen with Suri. The evident distancing of the father-daughter duo.
2019 Samantha Domingo’s statement. Claims about Scientology preventing their relationship.
2023 Tom’s potential financial responsibilities towards Suri. Reports about Tom’s obligations despite estrangement.

The Estrangement

Ever since the 2012 divorce between Tom and Katie, the actor’s relationship with Suri has seemingly become distant. Public sightings of the father-daughter duo have been absent since 2013. The rift, as sources close to the family indicate, lies in the disparity of their religious beliefs. Tom, a dedicated Scientologist, allegedly chooses not to see Suri, as she’s not part of the Scientology community. Furthermore, insiders claim that the Church of Scientology’s rigid rules hinder Tom from associating with “nonbelievers,” which might include his daughter.

Relationship Timeline

Tom Cruise’s romantic journey has seen him married three times. His initial union was with Mimi Rogers between 1987 to 1990, followed by his second marriage to Nicole Kidman that spanned 1990 to 2001. With Kidman, Tom adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. His third and most talked-about marriage was with Katie Holmes. They were together from 2006 until 2012 and have one daughter, Suri. Despite the actor’s multiple relationships, the crux is that Suri remains Tom’s only biological child, with whom, as of 2023, he hasn’t maintained a relationship for over a decade.

Media and Public Perception

Before the pivotal year of 2012, the bond between Tom Cruise and Suri seemed strong. They were a frequent sight in public, with Tom often showering Suri with affection. But post the divorce with Katie Holmes, Tom’s presence in Suri’s life waned. This sudden transition has spurred immense speculation, with many pondering over Tom’s decision to distance himself from Suri.

Scientology Factor

The Church of Scientology has had a significant influence on Tom’s relationships. Both his previous spouses, Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, were once followers. However, their association with the church ceased post-divorce. In a revealing statement in 2019, author Samantha Domingo posited that Tom isn’t permitted to foster a relationship with Suri because of her non-affiliation with Scientology. The church’s reincarnation beliefs further complicate the matter, as they don’t recognize Suri as Tom’s daughter.

Comparisons with Other Children

When it comes to Tom’s adopted children, Isabella and Connor, both devout Scientologists, the scenario is quite different. They frequently make public appearances with their father and vocally support both him and their shared faith. The stark difference in Tom’s relationships with his children often leads to increased speculation about his estrangement from Suri.


Q: When did Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce?
A: They divorced in 2012.

Q: Is Suri Cruise involved in Scientology?
A: No, Suri is not a Scientologist.

Q: Why is Tom Cruise’s relationship with Suri a matter of public interest?
A: Their estrangement, especially after their close bond pre-2012, has been a topic of much speculation.

Q: Does Tom Cruise have any other children besides Suri?
A: Yes, he has two adopted children, Isabella and Connor, from his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

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