Is the Marilyn Monroe Haus in Brentwood More Than Just an Address?


In recent years, Marilyn Monroe’s last residence, often referred to as “marilyn monroe haus”, has attracted significant attention, not just for its historic value but also for its numerous stories and the personalities that have occupied it. Nestled in Brentwood, Los Angeles, 12305 Fifth Helena Drive is not just an address; it’s a testament to the enigma that was Marilyn Monroe.

  1. Summary of marilyn monroe haus
  2. The Significance of 12305 Fifth Helena Drive
  3. An Investment Cut Short
  4. Recent Ownership and Fame
  5. Not Just Another House in Brentwood
  6. The Speculations and Future
  7. The Legacy Continues

A Spanish-style hacienda, it remains an iconic symbol of Hollywood’s Golden Age. But what’s the story behind this house, and why does it continue to captivate the imagination of many?

Summary of marilyn monroe haus

Date Event
1929 The house is constructed.
1962 Marilyn Monroe purchases the house.
1962 Marilyn Monroe’s tragic passing in the house.
2017 The house is listed for sale.
2018 New owners, Jasmine Chiswell and Maverick McNeilly, acquire the property.
2021 Inman article mentions the current owners.
2023 Restoration efforts and potential public tours.

The Significance of 12305 Fifth Helena Drive

The hacienda at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive is known to be the only house Monroe ever owned. Interestingly, Marilyn had resided in 43 different places throughout her life, some of which belonged to her various lovers and husbands, while others were rented.

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An Investment Cut Short

Marilyn purchased the Brentwood home in 1962 for a sum of $77,500. Tragically, she would spend only a few months there before her untimely demise. The house, with its Spanish tiles and intricate designs, remained partly unfurnished with several moving boxes untouched at the time of her passing.

Recent Ownership and Fame

Fast forward to recent times, the mansion was sold for a staggering $2.727 million. The new owners, a young couple, Jasmine Chiswell and Maverick McNeilly, have striking resemblances to Marilyn and Joe, adding another layer of intrigue to the home’s history. As per a 2021 Inman article, the duo intends to relive the charm of the past, garnering fame in their own right.

Not Just Another House in Brentwood

Despite being known as the last residence of Marilyn Monroe, the “marilyn monroe haus” in Brentwood is a confluence of architectural beauty, Hollywood glamour, and mysterious tales. The location itself has become a significant part of Los Angeles’ rich tapestry, echoing stories from the past.

The Speculations and Future

There have been various speculations surrounding the house, from it being haunted by Marilyn’s spirit to controversies around its sale. Today, under the ownership of Jasmine and Maverick, there’s a renewed hope that the house will be restored to its original glory, allowing public tours and offering a peek into the life of the iconic star.

The Legacy Continues

While the Brentwood house stands as a significant piece of history, Monroe’s presence is also felt elsewhere. An interesting aside, Ein Brathaus in Palm Springs, celebrates the star with Marilyn Monroe-themed ice creams and German food, hinting at her undying legacy in popular culture.


1. Where is Marilyn Monroe’s last house located?
It’s located at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood, Los Angeles.

2. Who are the current owners of the house?
As of 2021, Jasmine Chiswell and Maverick McNeilly are the proud owners.

3. Was this the only house Marilyn Monroe owned?
Yes, this Spanish-style hacienda was the only house she ever purchased.

4. Is the house open for public tours?
As of 2023, there are intentions to restore the house and potentially open it for public tours.

— by Girish Doshi